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Wow Newegg still have few games on sale:
FIFA, BF4, NBA2K14, COD & NFL all around half price. #3
This price is a steal #2.1
Titanfall for $44.99 :).
Best Xbox One deal ever. #2
Got Fifa and Zoo Tycoon for $70. I hope EA will release DLC for FIFA Worldcup for PS4 and Xbox One. #2
Both, buy if you had to chose one then Awakening. #3.1
Should I buy COD?
I have played around 100 hours BF4, do you guys think I might like COD more? #3
A lot of used games are not available for shipping. #3
Been waiting too long for Animal Crossing to get on sale. At last, going to buy this game :) #3
Want to get rid of the in-game ads? Upgrade for only $4.99 a month! #4
Do you guys think Mario Golf: World Tour will be good? #2
I remember seeing this week Titanfall bundle with free game for $500. Is this deal still available? #1
Check Walmart deal, it is better.
Mario & Luigi Bundle plus Mario Paper for $179 #2.1
Any information concerning MH4U release date? #3
Nintendo 3DS XL Silver Mario & Luigi Bundle (with Paper Mario: Sticker Star or Splinter Cell or Case) for $179.00 !!
One of the best deals for this week. #2
No #5
Popping my first achievement and becoming addicted. #4
A lot of Xbox One console deals lately, will we see Xbox One price drop? Or maybe Xbox One Standalone Console? #1
Best Buy will have eShop cards 20% off next week. I'm going to at least buy enough for Rayman Legends and DK. #4
Check Newegg deals too, Last of Us for $27.99 and NFL 25 for $29.99 !! #3
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