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Torchlight II Beta Keys for SEVEN

UPDATE 2: The random number generator has spoken -check your N4G PM inboxes! Thanks to Runic Games and everyone that entered, you rock!

UPDATE: The folks at Runic Games love you SO much, they've given us five additional keys to give out!

This Mother's Day, get her something she'll really love: a Torchlight II Beta Key! We have SEVEN of these beauties up for grabs, and here's what you have to do to enter:

1) Switch your avatar to something Torchlight II (perhaps one of the images below?)

2) Comment here, on this blog telling us exactly why you need into the Beta. (This doesn't improve your chances with the random number generator, but it does make your entry more interesting)

3) Comment there, on that news item

Additional entry if you RT!/N4G/...

Contest ends and winners will be drawn at Midnight EST on Friday May 11, 2012. Codes will be sent to winners via N4G PM.

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KingJuggernaut2384d ago

I really loved the original, and have been waiting for this release. Nothing like an awesome dungeon crawler to keep you grinding for hours. Oh yeah and I was the first post so I should Get in!!!! BOOYA!

Lazy_Sunday2383d ago

Well, I believe I should get the beta keys for several reasons:

1) I posted right after the first comment, so you know you know I know I'm special. And by special, I mean better than everybody else. Not in a selfish way, just in a 'haha, I'm better than you, seriously, I am. Haha! We're joking but I'm totally serious.' Kind of way. Like that. Haha. Get it?

2) I made my own avatar instead of using one of the default ones. That took time. Lots of time. Time I could have spent living my life. But instead I spent it here. Making an avatar. For you guys to maybe see.

3) I am handicapped. I have a severe illness that required my spine to be removed and replaced with a synthetic metal unit. This left me unable to walk for two months. Now I can walk, but just not during lightning storms (tehe!). I also have ADHD, so my mental handicap puts me at a par 4.

I just played the sympathy card. Bam. You know that makes you feel guilty.

4) I am a huge fan of Torchlight 1. I bought it on Steam and have logged over 300 hours into the game. My only complaint is that it didn't have multiplayer. And now it does. And I have been dying every time the game has been delayed. One day I might die. And I might never get to play Torchlight 2 before it launches. Do you want to be responsible for letting me not have that opportunity?

5) I am no longer a virgin, so I can not enjoy the splendors of life like I used to in ignorance. Please give this poor young college student an opportunity, to save his life! Save him from the liquid devil, the mary juana, and the pressures of his peers! Do you want to destroy this young man's life? If you don't give him a beta key to Torchlight 2, you might just do that :O

Pressure's on N4G. The choice is yours. Give it to some random sneering child (no offense everyone), or save someone's life. Give that beta key to me. Save the life of a young man. For his future. Who knows, maybe he'll use that key to cure cancer? I guess we'll have to see.

Balls in your court.

hendrawan2380d ago

what if u just wait for the release?
everyone might die... EVERYONE! you might die today, so do i... but its percentage is lower than 0.000001%

So, u just need to wait and sit on ur lazy ***, for the release :D

blackpanther9892384d ago

Ever since the first torchlight 1 my friends and I have all wished it had multiplayer and now it does with Torchlight 2 and we can't wait.

Cirran2384d ago

Never played Torchlight 1 but very interested in this. Already pre purchased it on steam.

DeleteThisxx2384d ago

So, you pre-purchased Torchlight II on Steam and haven't played the first one, eh?

That's funny, considering you get the first one for free when you purchase Torchlight II.

Cirran2383d ago

Hows it funny?_? Thats one of the reasons I prepurchased it. To play the first one. Haven't got round to it yet tho.

Rynocirator2384d ago

I have been playing isometric action rpgs since baldur's gate and diablo 1 and it is my favorite genre, I own all the popular games like diablo, diablo 2, diablo 3 (bought the collector's edition), torchlight, titan quest, grim dawn (backed the kickstarter), and I plan on getting torchlight 2 and from the videos I've seen it vastly improves from the first game (which was close to perfect even with the absence of multiplayer) so I think I'm a good candidate because of my love of the genre

Azione2384d ago

I have boobs, deal with it.