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Do Games like the "Last of Us" and "GTA: V" hold Hope for the Wii U's Future Visual-Fidelity?

AKR|1707d ago |Blog Post|3|

With all the talk about the next-generation of consoles - one main point keeps erupting through the massive discussion - specs. Everywhere you look - people are clamoring over any little piece of information about the hardware that the brand-new systems contain. From the devs, to the PR-departments, to the fans themselves - everyone's talking about it.

When talk about the Wii U ends up in this massive discussion - it's usually brought out with a relatively sour tone, due to the fact that the system is the weakest.

"Wii U is gonna be blown away by the PS4!"
"Those visuals are terrible!"
"That thing is just a 1080p 360!"

...I've seen a lot of comments such as these, throughout different discussion boards, similar to this one - N4G. It seems like no matter which site ~ a lot of the Wii U haters are repeating the very same thing when it comes down to Wii U 's technical specifications - "It's not next-gen!"

Well...consoles have never been classified as 'XYZ'-gen due to their power; what makes a system a part of gen-'XYZ' is it's release date. Just as when you were born - you were a part of a "new generation", because you were brought into existence AFTER your parents. But regardless of what classifies a generation in the console-world; one thing stands clear - people aren't that hopeful that the Wii U will be able to produce some good looking games in the coming years.

But I disagree...Why?

Well - let's take a step back for a moment. Forget the PS4, XBOX One and Wii U. Let's focus on the veterans - the PS3 and the 360. Now each of these systems are a part of the 7th-generation ~ the generation of HD. Both are now almost 10 years old and their starting to show their age. Nonetheless - developers have been able to utilize their power, in order to bring forth games that produce visuals that are blowing many away - from professional reviewers to average players. Games like "GTA: V" and the "Last of Us" are constantly lavished for their superb level of visual quality. Other titles like Crysis 3 and Battlefield 3 are also given a big thumbs up for their graphics.

That leaves me to wonder...why is everyone making such a big scene about the Wii U having the weaker technical specifications? If devs are capable of squeezing enough juice out of near-decade old systems, in order to produce something like this: ( one conclude that the Wii U; which, remember, has already proven to be a MORE POWERFUL system than the PS3, has the potential to produce some really sick visuals?

We're already seeing little hints of some pretty impressive visual-quality titles on the system; games such as "X", "Bayonetta 2", "Pikmin 3", "Need for Speed: Most Wanted U" and "Trine 2: Director's Cut" come to mind. With games such as those already running on the system only a year into it's lifespan, it really makes one wonder exactly what we'll be seeing a little while down the line.

Personally, I don't play a game for graphics. I play games to have fun and keep me entertained - but I was just thinking about this topic and wanted to put it into words.

So what do you think?

If developers can make gorgeous titles like the "Last of Us" and "GTA: V" run on near-decade old systems; do you think that the Wii U just might be able to produce some really outstanding, possibly even *sub*next-gen visuals in the coming years? Sound off...

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SilentNegotiator1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

People are already prepared to move on to Killzone:SF and Titanfall fidelity. Wii U *will* have games that look as good as end of 7th gen games and somewhat better...and by then, that won't be impressive anymore.

"When talk about the Wii U ends up in this massive discussion..."That thing is just a 1080p 360!""

1080p? That's generous. How many 1080p Wii U games are there that aren't Wii ports or 2D/2.5D games (things that even PS3/360 were perfectly capable of)? So far that number is zero.

iliimaster1706d ago

me personally will be getting a wii u ive been waiting on an HD gaming console for nintendo, the last thing i need is nintendo to be just like the xbone or ps4 costing 399 + i'm getting nintendo for mario and zelda, donky kong, etc the classics finally in HD

okmrman1705d ago

nostalgia is a hell of a thing