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Xbox One clarification

Used Games

You will be able to play your game on any other Xbox One console as long as your profile is on that system. However, if you want to let a friend borrow it to get the 1000 achievement points in the game, then they have to pay a fee to unlock it.

There’s no pricing details on this fee thus far, but rumors state it could be as much as buying the full game from the XBL store which are usually full price or overpriced compared to buying from retail. However, I believe it’ll be a mere $10 fee similar to the online passes of last-gen (hard to say last-gen already). The only difference is you can’t play any section of used games on Xbox One without the pass, vs. Last-gen you could at least play single player.

Always On vs. Always Online vs. Always Connected

Xbox One will be a smart device, and be “Always On” meaning the system will be in sleep mode until your ready to use it. It’s ALWAYS LISTENING TO YOU via Kinect so careful what you do and say in front of it. The system must connect to the internet at an undisclosed time and an undisclosed amount of time for mandatory updates and installs in the background. Thus the system must be ”Always Online” and semi-”Always Connect”.

Watching Blu Rays, possibly TV, and maybe some games will allow you to be offline for a while, but at some point the system, must reconnect to the internet. What happens if it can’t has not been disclosed, but hopefully there are no negative impacts to not being online.

What to expect for launch

Most media applications and features should be there Day 1. Games aren’t up for discussion until E3. Expect an evolution of the console over it’s lifecycle.

Direct quote from Microsoft “It may be a little bit of a stretch to say, but this may be the last console you ever need to buy.” Cocky much.

Strengths of the Xbox One According to Microsoft

Quick Switching, 3 OS (Xbox 360+, Windows, QS OS), Future connection to Microsoft devices

Xbox One needs TV service only, or the box as well.

Depends on the service provider, but it has to connect with HDMI In.

Well most service providers require you to have a box, so what’s the point? It’s not a problem to hook up a cable box to the Xbox One and take advantage of these features, but for many gamers and many people thats not a strong selling point. Saying “Xbox TV” is not worth paying $xxx for an Xbox One when I can simply press input on the remote.

Original Xbox TV content?

Basically Microsoft wants to milk their top selling franchises as much as possible.

Will Xbox TV content be comparable to Netflix / Amazon / Hulu / etc...?

Microsoft answer: Hopefully, they plan on creating more content in the future.

Games / Who was the presentation for?

Xbox One is targeted towards Mass Market audiences FIRST. Gamers SECOND. 15 new game announcements 7 original IP’s, 8 new IP’s. The unveiling was for a media focus, E3 will be about the games.

PS4 / Xbox One / Wii U hardware power?

PS4 > Xbox One > Wii U

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thorstein1827d ago

Hmmmm.... I definitely will be waiting to see what comes up at E3. Does SONY pull farther ahead or does MS make up some ground. I find it hard to fathom that the X1 is really meant for core gamers (ie people looking for a gaming machine.) In fact, I am pretty sure that MS isn't worried about that. But core gamers rule twitter and the blogosphere. That won't bode well. There are two types of viral marketing: stuff that goes well and stuff that doesn't. Right now, MS is taking negative hits even if it doesn't intend to. They are claiming that X1 is an entertainment console for your living room that happens to play games.

They have built in something that prevents used game sales/ renting (gamefly)/ lending like the X360 could do.

The funny thing is that it won't prevent piracy. Not on the surface at least. Each disc will not be unique.

Interesting, but I still want to see what E3 will bring. I think SONY is playing this one better so far.

ABizzel11826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I'm pretty sure E3 will be really good for them and solve a lot of the no games issue their reveal left unanswered, but the problem is for the core gamers I just feel E3 is going to be amazing for Sony.

MS will have many of the fundamental franchises their audience has come to love such as: Call of Duty Ghost, Halo 5, EA Sports, Forza 5, maybe Gears (or a New IP from Epic), Fable, 3 other returning IP's (Rare?, ?, ?), Assassin's Creed Black Flag, Need for Speed Rivals, Thief, and other 3rd party staples.

On top of that they'll have casual games for Kinect like Dance Central 4, Kinect Adventure 3, Kinect Sports, and Kinect Fit.

Finally to round things out are the 8 New IP's which we only know of Quantum Break, Ryse, Zombie Game, and 5 other that are still TBA.

So as you can see there are games for the console, and it's going to have a solid launch line-up like Sony, what MS needs to prove is that their first party can keep up with Sony and Nintendo, and that even though this device is for EVERYONE, the Core gamer is still the heart of the console.

I think they have the game announcements to prove that, but the services and uncertainty of many shady principles is what's going to continue to plague them until they come clean on "Always Online" (which is basically is), Used fee, Kinect required for the console to even work (what happens if it breaks can you buy another one?), pricing, and whether or not XBL will still be worth the $60 fee.

darthv721827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Apple made great PC's before the ipod and iphone pushed them into the spotlight. For many, they never had a MAC, they had a PC and didnt think much of apple until it was "THE" thing to talk about.

MS is taking the branding power of xbox and had already changed their music and video portions from "Zune" (still a great device by the way) and called them "XBOX Music" and XBOX Movies".

So while there is an overwhelming response of negativity towards the xbox one...people are forgetting that they are more than a gaming company. they are a software company and have been looking for that way to get their foot in the door of people's living rooms. Just think back to the Media center PC days of 95 and 98 and what about webTV.

They are leveraging the brand recognition to evolve their current box into more of the media and entertainment box they always wanted. It may not be what the "gamers" want but that is understandable.

MS has put first what works for them. Xbox live and its runaway success has shown there is light finally at the end of that tunnel. to bring forth a universal media box for movies, music, social interactivity

While sony has been synonymous with gaming since the playstation...they too have been working to evolve their brand into more than just a gaming box. They kept the naming trend in place because they didnt want to make people confused. People associate playstation with games and keeping it #4 keeps that association going.

MS is different. Different in the sense that they want to be more associated with creating a system that everything can be enjoyed on. I look forward to playing both.

GamersRulz1827d ago

Media backlash wasn't because if the system new focus or features, it was mainly because of the new restrictions that MS imposed on its customers.

always online, no used games, mandatory Kinect.

MS just ruined the GAMING industry by this foolish decisions.

caseh1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

'MS just ruined the GAMING industry by this foolish decisions.'

I wouldn't say they've ruined the industry, if anything it sounds like they're distancing themselves from the core audience. Being a little more generic if you like.

I guess E3 will be the important factor for MS, as regardless of all the functionality thats being flaunted with the reveal it will ultimately be the games that will shift the system not all the bells and whistles that we've just seen.