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To PSPhone or not to PSPhone (Sony versus Apple)

1988d ago ... It’s been five years since the release of the Sony PSP in North America. It'll be six years come March, 24 2011. There have been 3 hardware revisions since the release of the handheld and most of have been for the better. One can argue that the PSPGo is more about evolution than revision and its a different type of PSP for a portion of the hand-held consumer base that would like a download only...

Accountability for Sega?

2207d ago ... Accountability for Sega

Lair 2: Part I -> Controls

3066d ago ... The following blog is written to inspire Factor 5 in their design of Lair 2. Lair all-in-all is a showcase, buts its also a base for future games using the 'Lair' engine. The intent is to provide Factor 5 with some design, gameplay, and production suggestions for the inevitable sequel to Lair. Factor 5 is a group of talented individuals who I think would not take offense to suggestions from gam...

Lair - Unbiased Review

3072d ago ... I wish I wrote this a little earlier but I just got myself a copy of the game and have played through about 75% of it. I think this give me enough play time to write a comprehensive review on a title that has been both praised and screwtinized.

When does Next Gen start?

3095d ago ... What is next generation? Is it a concept or something that is identifiable? Who is the pioneer of this generation?

Recreating Madden - "If its in the GAME" - Part III

3095d ago ... The third part in this 3 part blog series is my proposed gameplay changes for the Madden series. There are still ways for EA Sports to become more original in its football game. The following items are just a tip of the iceberg. EA just needs to have innovation.

Recreating Madden - "If its in the GAME" - Part II

3197d ago ... Part II of Recreating Madden deals with the natural evolution of technolgy, madden, and getting the ideas across. Of course the concept of group tackling is been out there for a while, it really hasn't happened efficiently in a Madden game ...

The Wii Effect - Part I

3206d ago ... What exactly is the Wii effect? As a seventh generation console (wikipedia), lets see if this Wii is a 'Revolution' or reverse-Evolution. What is it that the Wii offers new to the table? How can the Wii evolve over time? In this blog, I have some suggestions also for Nintendo. By no means is this blog intended to be negative towards Nintendo but I do have to question the philosophy of Nint...

Recreating Madden - "If its in the GAME" - Part I

3206d ago ... I'm a football fan. I'm a gamer. I thought of writing something that interests me greatly. No, I'm no producer at EA Sports but I would like to point out something that is wrong down to its core fundamentals. What does EA Sports need to get right? Why is playing Madden so painful for some people including myself? Why am I not getting the real feel of football? I've played alot of footbal...
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