Class3 (Game)

Top MMORPG 2014 Upcoming Games List

976 days 17 hours ago - A list of the best MMO games due to be released in 2014, with links. Mostly speculative but its a good look at what's being developed right now. Yo... | Opinion piece | PC


State of Decay - First Official Gameplay Trailer

1144 days 7 hours ago - Class3 has received a name and its first official trailer. | Trailer | PC


Class3 - Official Name "State of Decay", First In-Game Screenshot Released

1144 days 8 hours ago - If you’ve been following our coverage here on OnlySP, you know we are very excited about Undead Labs upcoming zombie survival game Class3, which no... | News | PC


First Class3 Footage to Arrive Just Before PAX

1153 days 8 hours ago - OnlySP writes: We’ve been calling for it for a while now, and Undead Labs is about ready to show off their first project, Class3. | News | PC


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

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Class3 - "All your choices matter, and you must live with the consequences."

1155 days 3 hours ago - New details on surviving in the harsh zombie infested world of Class3. | News | PC


Class3 - More Details on Vehicles and Survival at Night

1169 days 2 hours ago - Sanya Weathers has answered some more fan questions about Class3, detailing cars, zombie behavior and survival at night. | News | PC


Class3 - New Details on Vehicle Combat, Zombies and More

1175 days 6 hours ago - Undead Labs has released some new info on Class3′s vehicular combat today, and by golly gee it sounds pretty exciting. | News | PC


Class3 - Details on Resources and Setting up Camp

1180 days 5 hours ago - Class3 has received a few details today answering a few more questions from the Class3 community. | News | PC


Class3 - More Details About Zombies, Characters and Building Homes

1183 days 4 hours ago - We’ve been following Class3 for a while now, doing our best to cover any details we can find on the game. Today, during a site focused Q&A session... | News | PC


Top 5 Zombie Games yet to be Released

1187 days 5 hours ago - Check out Matt from VelocityGamer's top 5 zombie games he's most looking forward to and why. "The video game industry as a whole has a zombie fe... | Opinion piece | PC


Class3 - "Deciding What to Save, How to Save it, and Surviving as Best You Can"

1188 days 11 hours ago - Only Single Player continues its interview with Class3 developer Undead Labs. If you've been looking for some great info on the game, don't look an... | Interview | PC


Class3 - "We’re making a game about survival, so death is death"

1190 days 7 hours ago - Only Single Player asks Undead Labs a series of questions about Class3 in the first part of a two part interview. Lots of new details uncovered abo... | Interview | PC


Class3 Will Now be Coming to PC as Well as XBLA

1191 days 4 hours ago - Undead Labs just announced that Class3, the ambitious open world zombie game running on CryEngine 3 will indeed be coming to the PC platform. | News | PC


Undead Labs drops multiplayer gameplay for Class3

1193 days 14 hours ago - It’s been a while since we heard from Undead Labs on the progress of their highly ambitious XBLA zombie thriller, Class3, however it seems that whi... | News | Xbox 360


Like DayZ? Then Check Out Class3, Coming to XBLA

1201 days 6 hours ago - With the recent explosive popularity of the DayZ mod, it’s clear that zombie survival games aren’t going away anytime soon. It’s easy to see why; t... | Preview | Xbox 360


Jesper Kyd to Score Undead Labs Class3

1308 days 2 hours ago - It has just been announced that Jesper Kyd will be scoring Undead Labs XBLA title ‘Class3′. Kyd who is known for scoring games like Hitman and Assa... | News | Xbox 360


It's Finally Happening, Everyone: A Zombie MMO

1368 days 12 hours ago - GR - "Just when you thought Star Wars: the Old Republic was the only MMO you’d need from now on, this happens: A zombie MMO from the lead designer... | News | Xbox 360


Class3 Preview |

1409 days 9 hours ago - ‘Class3’ is the code-name for our ambitious zombie-survival open world game, currently under development at Undead Labs for release on Xbox 360 as... | Preview | Xbox 360


Zombie MMO: Healing and Death Q&A

1447 days 16 hours ago - Undead Labs is following up last week’s article about their studio is handling healing and death in their zombie titles that are in development. On... | News | Xbox 360


Zombie MMO - Death & Healing

1455 days 19 hours ago - Late tonight Undead Labs have released a blog post in the form of diary entries for a character in the game. It tackles situations like healing and... | News | Xbox 360


This October's Releases For All Things PlayStation

Now - The spooky month of October is almost upon us and that means another calendar month of releases to feed our gamer appetites. We take a look at what... | Promoted post
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