Class3 - More Details About Zombies, Characters and Building Homes

We’ve been following Class3 for a while now, doing our best to cover any details we can find on the game. Today, during a site focused Q&A session on the official website for Class3, Sanya Weathers answered some questions asked by the community.

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matt19912193d ago

This game sounds amazing so far.

ThatKanadianKid2193d ago

This IS the zombie game I've been waiting for. Cannot wait to see some footage of it.

MattyG2193d ago

This sounds like a single player, console DayZ. Isn't it a XBLA game?

MattyG2192d ago

Yayy that means it'll be cheap :) I'm hoping it releases soon, but I'm not gunna hold my breath.

matt19912192d ago

^ Expect 1200 MS Points or $15 giving the hype that this is getting.

PockyKing2192d ago

They are currently in the polishing up phase of development. So, I think we may see it sooner than expected..