The Sid Meier Interview - "the best multiplayer gameplay we've ever offered in Civ"

Gameplayer has spoken with legendary game developer Sid Meier about his next project, Civilization Revolution - the first game in the famous series to hit consoles - to determine how the strategy game will work without a keyboard and mouse. It also includes plenty of commentary on the game's multiplayer.

"Civilization Revolution will deliver the best multiplayer gameplay we've ever offered in Civ and we're excited to take full advantage of everything online has to offer"

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the worst3991d ago

as of right now
warhawk is king

Relcom3991d ago

Is one of the most addicting game i have ever played. I don't care much for multiplayer in this game(although its a welcomed addition). I just want that good old fashion civilization gameplay i have fallen in love with.

MK_Red3991d ago

While I do agree that Civ is indeed addicting, I've got to go with Civ 4 as the most addictive one. That one destroyed my life for sometime until I uninstalled it!

TechWiz3991d ago

I love all the Sid Meier Civilizations games. The first Civilization definitely log the most hours played on. Cant wait to get my hands on this game.

wiizy3991d ago

hurry up and get that game on the wii.. im waiting...

Eretik3991d ago

1. We, strategy gamers, do not care too much about multiplayer in Civ. For multiplayer we have another games. It seems you want to tell us that Civ Revolution will be suxx in single player mode?
2. We, strategy gamers, do not care about presentation. Did you notice that Civ3 was not better than Civ2 and Civ4 become not playable and sold badly? Of course Civ4 presentation is prefect, but you forgot about gameplay.

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