Developers are Robbing Us of Fun

One of the factors that make MMORPG’s fun for gamers that have been playing these games for a long time is “The Challenge”. It seems that this is slowly disappearing in new MMO’s and it’s really robbing MMORPG regulars of fun.

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dangert122257d ago

Stop supporting the games and devs you accuse of robbing the fun from you its that simple really...I too noticed this stuff also so just decided to chill gaming is not what it was then...every know and the a true old school experience comes along enjoy it...with the classic library you should have built over the years

Titanz2257d ago

Love the meme! (article approved).

ThePsychoGamer2257d ago

Nintendo is pretty bad at this. Not as a game developer, but as a console developer. When they region lock there systems they are robbing gamers of several gaming experiences along with robbing developers of support.

Websblob2255d ago

Oh man, meme's r so funny!

morkendo232255d ago

“The Challenge”.

THE REAL CHALLENGE IS TRYING TO HAVE FUN STILL. old school gamers always pick-up classic SNES OR PS1 game for REAL FUN!!.................