Capcom Has a Problem

By: Addam Kearney

On May 7, Capcom released their financial records for the previous fiscal year and it doesn’t look great. Granted, it’s better than a company like THQ, but Capcom’s sales were down 16%.This led to a reported loss of over a billion US Dollars.

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DarkSniper2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Capcom should consider contacting Ed Boon at Neatherealm Studios and discussing the idea of Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter. It's the crossover fighting game that fans would love to see. If they're willing to allow their Street Fighter characters in a Rated M theme environment, it could really do wonders for their sales.

Dark Sniper also hopes that Capcom would reconsider bringing back the Mega Man franchise as there was no real need to cancel him in the first place. With Megaman Universe, Legends 3 and his obvious exclusion in Marvel vs Capcom 3, it seems as if Capcom has finally suffered the consequences for trolling their loyal fanbase.

Either way, Dark Sniper hopes that one day Megaman X9 is released on the respective online digital distribution services. It's a low risk, high reward opportunity they should capitalize on. Capcom will have his wallet if this does happen.


mobhit2198d ago

Liu Kang vs. Ken. Make it happen Capcom/Ed Boon.

ThatArtGuy2198d ago

I'd rather see Marvel Vs. DC.


so we can give 60 bones on limited content on the disk and later drop 30 bones to have it thanks

Soldierone2198d ago

Then they better hand the rights to the game over to WB....last thing I want is to only get Scorpion on my MK disc and the rest of the characters don't come till DLC keys and "Special edition" versions release.....

Magic_Spatula2198d ago

"I understand why people want it, but it's easier said than done. Having Chun Li getting her spine ripped out, or Ryu's head bouncing off the floor... it doesn't necessarily match."

Is what Ono said about a SF vs MK game. So, unless Boon and Co. decide to tone down the blood and gore ala MK vs DC Universe, it won't happen. Plus, Capcom would probably want majority control and profit from the game.

princejb1342198d ago

Lmao I'm a bit happy to hear this since capcom has been playing games with their fans
Haven't bought a game from them since dmc4 nd I'll continue not buying until you treat your costumers right

Chrono2198d ago

While I do wish to play a MK vs SF, do you know that only the first 3 Mortal Kombat games as well as Trilogy were released in Japan? Unlike Marvel which has a lot of popular movies, Japan barely knows about the MK universe. Capcom relies on sales in Japan a lot.

zeal0us2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

If the MK v SF is rated M then I'm all for it but its rated T like MK v DC think ill past. Plus do we really want another product DLC( Disk Lock Content)?

Omnislash2198d ago

On SF vs MK

Knowing Capcom, they would do something like use the same look from SF4 and recycle all the SF4 characters while adding 1 or 2 characters nobody asked for....

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kesvalk2198d ago

put locked content on disk they said...

you will gain millions they said...

vortis2198d ago

yeap, we all seen how that turned out...

FunAndGun2198d ago

if you lock it, they will come.

Vandamme212198d ago

All those articles about capcom are getting annoying.

vortis2198d ago

All that trolling Capcom does to consumers is getting annoying, too.

Kratoscar20082198d ago

And being ripped off dont?

Soldierone2198d ago

You locked your discs, I locked my wallet....fair trade. You want my money, stop locking content on the discs and give us full games.

bigcupofSTFU2198d ago

yep , both netherealm and capcom games i refuse to buy, withholding characters on MK9, as for capcom the obvious on disc content.

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