Sony considering autostereoscopic display that adjusts to user’s position

A patent application filed by Sony and recently published on the United States Patent & Trademark Office’s website shows that the company is interested in technology that would allow for an autostereoscopic display that adjusts itself according to a user’s distance from the screen in order to provide optimal viewing from any position.

In simple terms, stereoscopic 3D works by sending two separate images to the viewer, one for each eye. The viewer’s left eye sees one image, and their right eye sees the other, slightly different image. When they look at the screen, they see one complete image that appears to have depth.

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acronkyoung2143d ago

With all of this new tech it always seems like developers could create really cool games with it, but they usually don't because they want their game to work on all systems.

decrypt2143d ago

Lol Tv tech doesnt have any influence on what 6 year old hardware can render. Yea at best it can hide the ugly jaggies but thats about it.

MysticStrummer2143d ago

He said "really cool games", which has nothing to do with graphics. At all. Thanks for playing, but try to pay attention.

Godmars2902143d ago

They're talking about a monitor, not a game system.

banjadude2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Perhaps this will be the second iteration of that 3D display they released last summer (with a larger screen size that most people want).

MysticStrummer2143d ago

My first reaction to your comment was... of course they're talking about a monitor and not a system... but then I remembered... this is N4G, so pointing out the obvious isn't a waste of time.

8-Bit Jay2143d ago

According to the patent application, Sony Computer Entertainment filed for it.

Moerdigan2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

first there was that 3dTV with Multiple sweet spots and now this.

I have the feeling you could merge this and that tech to create something even better, but only one person really need to see a monitor at a time anyways.

catfrog2143d ago

depends on what youre doing. sony is involved in more than just gaming, their movie production studios are some of the largest in the world and their tv manufacturing business was pretty large before it seemed to have collapsed, having a 3d tv that works without glasses and can be viewed from any position would change sonys tv business, they would likely start controlling the 3d tv market, the patent would be worth a fortune.

kneon2143d ago

Every display manufacturer is working on the exact same thing. The problem is that glasses free 3d is inherently inferior to 3d displays that use glasses.

Such displays must be capable of tracking the distance and position of each viewer in real time. Then every time you shift position it needs to adjust the display so that you can still see the 3d. The problem is that it can only adjust the display after it has detected your change in position. So it will always lag behind, unless they manage to give the display precognitive capabilities.

If you move too quickly you lose 3d, there is just no way around it. Sure the definition of "too quickly" will improve over time but it can never be solved completely.

A-Glorious-Dawn2143d ago


but can not afford :(

Kisama2143d ago

3d without glasses? So new and original, Sony!