NeoAxis showcase the latest version of NeoAxis Engine; HDR, Depth of Field and God Rays supported

DSOGaming writes: "NeoAxis have released a new video that showcases the changes that have been made to their in-house game engine, the NeoAxis Engine. NeoAxis Engine 1.2 – that is currently available for download from its official website – supports HDR, Depth of Field and God Rays."

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chukamachine2357d ago

Looks old by todays standards tbh.

Water looks wrong.

FACTUAL evidence2356d ago

This engine would be nice for an Rpg though.

MiamiACR212356d ago

I agree with you Chukamachine, the tree's and foliage are especially dated. Although I also agree with FACTUAL, this would look beautiful in an RPG based game.

RyuDrinksTheDew2356d ago

decent looking engine, wonder what how big of environments it can render.

could be a good alternative for a developer if they cant afford to license UE3 or CE3.

xAlmostPro2356d ago

Would be a decent engine for say monster hunter on the Vita/3DS. A maybe slightly more optimized version anyway