Iwata says some people felt Wii wasn’t for them, games with “depth” before “width”

Nintendo president comments on how some gamers felt left out with the Wii and how they've been making adjustments to their approach.

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NYC_Gamer2392d ago

The whole motion control thing made me skip over the Wii

aviator1892392d ago

Yeah, same here, unfortunately.

VanillaBear2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

I got it for the "wow" factor then it was left gathering dust.

The least they could of done was release a gamecube styled controler for both audiences and left core gamers play with that instead. Turning the Wii sideways just isn't the same

It's the reason I couldn't enjoy Zelda SS as much, if it was released close to when the Wii came out where I had the motivation to jump and move my arms about then fair enough.

I feel like they don't know where they are going next gen

It's like they are hanging onto the casual audience but want the core audience back...sorry Nintendo but it's one or the other. If you really want third party support then I would pick the core audience...the ones who actually give a crap about you

Ravenor2392d ago

Everything is supposed to work natively with the Classic Controller Pro.

mr_badhand2392d ago

One of the biggest problems Nintendo has is the tailor their systems to them only. They never consider 3rd parties.

The n64 and its controller was made specifically for their own games. The same with the Gamecube and Wii.

Here's hoping all that changes with the WiiU.

PopRocks3592392d ago

Ironically similar things could be said about the PS3, given that it was structured in such a way to make itself a more powerful machine, not necessarily to be developer friendly.

I reckon both Nintendo and Sony will correct these mistakes.

VanguardOfCalamity2392d ago

The biggest problem I see with the Wii U is that it's only one player at a time (unless I missed anything that will allow <at least> 2 people to play)

as far as the original Wii - I just couldn't ever justify buying a system that only had a handful of games I wanted to play + everyone I know who had one (mostly casual gamers <mom included> played it a little and then let it gather dust

here's hoping for good games on the Wii U (would love to play some RPGs and MMOs with that controller)

Ravenor2392d ago

Only one tablet controller. The Wii U has more then one control input.

Nugan2392d ago

The Wii U supports at least five players simultaneously, one with a Wii U controller and four with Wii Remotes.

There has been a lot of rumors that it will also support two Wii U controllers simultaneously, but I don't think they've been confirmed yet.

VanguardOfCalamity2392d ago

my fault - didn't know about the extra wii remotes - was only referring to the tablet :X

LoaMcLoa2392d ago

It will actually support 2 tablets at the same time :)

Baka-akaB2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

There are some really great and strong titles on Wii . My beef were with the online , the lack of hd and most of those games i find solid not even actually needing and properly using the wiimote for anything else than waggling and pre determined motions , bare a few excellent titles such as Metroid prime 3

The Wii u will only get me as a main console , if , of course there are interesting titles , but also if i can play most of them with a pad . I'm done trying to believe in their PR about motion or the upcoming tablet . i'm not looking forward to the "generic" onslaught of wii u multiplatform games mostly using the thing as a screen for fluff like menus and maps .

At the very least those doing that , better let me just use a pad and ditch the u tablet , as an alternative control scheme

ChunkyLover532392d ago

Nintendo was in an odd spot, they couldn't compete with hardware from the Xbox 360 or PS3, so they went in a more casual oriented direction, which got them a lot of sales, even though the Wii has had some really fantastic games this generation.

Nintendo hasn't really had a great controller since the SNES days, the N64 and Gamecube really had clunky controllers, so I think Nintendo lacks a recognizable controller. It looks like they will be allowing use of the Wii controllers to be used like old school NES controllers with the Wii U.

Nintendo will be okay if they have a good price point, solid games and they need online that is at least on par to the original Xbox Live, no more friends codes, they need a system set up much better than that. They also need something like Achievements or Trophy's in place, I think those things lure in hardcore gamers.

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