Alone In The Dark Delayed. Again

Sure, you know Alone in the Dark 5 is coming. You also probably know that, while the protagonist's name is Edward Carnaby, he has absolutely nothing in common with the original, more dapper Carnaby of the first game. But what else do you know about the game? Not much, I'll tell you, because for a game that was supposed to be coming in March (itself a delay from a 2007 release), we've not heard much new info for a while. So don't act too surprised, then, at news it's been delayed for a second time, this time to September. Bummer.

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MK_Red3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

This game is becoming the next Duke Nukem Forever. It was supposed to come out in late 2005 and later 2006... 2007... now late 2008.
Both funny and sad.

Winter47th3931d ago

I've lost all interest in this game TBH, by the time it comes out in 2021, Resident Evil 17:Regeneration's gonna be more than enough for me.

solar3931d ago

the only alone game ive played was the very first one. hehe. so i might check this out....when its done.

mintaro3931d ago

oy...this isnt lookin good.....

rmedtx8883931d ago

Well, I guess it's ok if the game lives up to it's expectations when it gets released. I rather wait for a game than play a rushed bad quality one.

MK_Red3931d ago

While I agree that playing a bad rushed game is a terrible experience, I'd like to add that playing a game that has become old and no longer is that special after lots of delays would also be disappointing.

Afterburn3931d ago

don't worry,
we'll be able to enjoy this on the PS4 I'm sure... ;)

mighty_douche3931d ago

PS3's fault right?

just thought id get it in there before the xbox crowd.

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