Crytek: We can do things on consoles 'that no-one has done before'

Crysis 3 "experience" won't change between PC and PS3/360, says dev

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DrPepper2001d ago

let me guess make the most graphically capable game but with a dumb ass story along with boring gameplay.... okay gotcha.

Drekken2001d ago

Spot on... We heard the same crap from them with Crysis 2.

Awesome_Gamer2001d ago

Story & Gameplay > Graphics

Winter47th2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

You must have been playing Hour of Victory. Crysis 2 was a good game, the damage control you're making just because the game isn't all that "omg itz not uzing shaders 15.0 on teh pc flop".

All the guy said was the graphics are going to be good, and you're judging the story from a 2 minute trailer? Shine your crystal ball kids.

Where the **** did he say anything about the story..

KontryBoy7062001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

and we heard the same from Carmack with RAGE.

Soldierone2000d ago

@Winter, re-read their comments. Their assumptions isn't coming from the trailer or what the developer said. It's coming from the previous games....which had boring as hell stories, but stellar graphics.

joab7772000d ago

The same stuff from crysis 2 which was average at best. Ps3s exclusives are still the bar on consoles. If they r smart, they will pander to pc, build for pc, release a juggernaut pc game, and quit lying to console gamers. We know that it doesn't measure up. I don't even play on pc but i feel bad when they get shorted so that there is equality. I don't expect it to be much different than the last unless they do something like rage, which was far better looking on console than crysis 2. Better yet, stop worrying about graphics and make a good game with a good story that gives me a reason to get it. It's much more crowded today and it won't be a day 1 for me.

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egidem2001d ago

I could've sworn they said the same thing when Crysis 2 was in development?

It's one thing to say that you're currently the best looking game on the console, it's another to actually deliver it. Last time I checked, they didn't really deliver on their promise with Crysis 2.

CanadianTurtle2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

The graphics weren't even that impressive to be honest on consoles. I know it looks good on pc, but it looks very average on consoles. Not just the textures, but the overall draw distance and shadows feel out of place a lot of the times.

Oh and yes, thumbs up to you for acknowledging the overhyped and crap gameplay that Crysis 2 delivered.

Caffo012001d ago

crysis 2 isn't the best looking game on consoles either..

basilezz30302000d ago

yes not even close
uncharted 3 is gfx king on consoles
60+ gfx awards

while crysis 2 have 0 gfx award on consoles
in fact no awards at all

glennco2000d ago

uncharted is linear, this is open world. i doubt it would ever look as good.

basilezz30302000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

lol crysis 2 is not open world game not even close
it just less liner than uncharted 3

open world games are something else my friend

xxLuckyStrike2000d ago

Does anyone even listen to the crap crytek spews anymore.. If you do then shame on you.. Lol

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DA_SHREDDER2001d ago

I've heard this from them time and time again. One thing is forsure, noone hypes their own games like Crytech. Dont get me wrong, I hope they can deliver, but the last game was laughable at best.

glennco2000d ago

do you not think it is the media who is hyping? when a game gets popular it is the media who goes nuts, these guys just answering questions which in turn get taken out of context.

and then everyone thinks it is the developer. of course it is hard to understand being on the readership side of things. think for yourself for a change, how else does the media get you to read their shit over other shit?

ATi_Elite2001d ago completely ruin a great PC shooter like Crysis and completely run the franchise into the ground!

Yeh that's your claim to fame Crytek! No body is doing that but you! (even Call of Duty is better than Crysis)

GamingPerson2001d ago

this needs to be pc only again.

ATi_Elite2000d ago

My thoughts EXACTLY!!!

Crysis PC Exclusive: 3.5 million units sold

Crysis 2 multi-plat: 2.5 million units sold

so what happen to all that console money and high sales figures?

mushroomwig2001d ago

I'm sure Naughty Dog would beg to differ.

Ducky2001d ago

... ND thinks that no-one is capable of doing anything new on consoles? O.o

GamingPerson2001d ago

remember everything crytek does is real time no tricks. Plus a wider space.

Biggest2001d ago

I don't remember that. Crysis 2 was pretty normal for consoles.

madjedi2001d ago

"Plus a wider space" Really because that didn't feel any wider than kz3, maybe it opens up in the later missions. "remember everything crytek does is real time no tricks" So why is that something noteworthy for the console version?

I am sorry but use whatever "tricks" you need to, as long as the game doesn't look and play so bland and unpolished.

PersonMan2001d ago

@GamingPerson: I don't recall once ever during my playthough of Crysis 2 thinking "Man, for some reason Killzone 3 looks way better than this but it OBVIOUSLY ISN'T because of some real-time crap that I don't even notice"

Shut up with the real-time argument. It doesn't look that impressive. It's average looking.

xtreampro2001d ago

The fact that UC3 looks worse than UC2 in so many ways just proves that ND aren't the be all and end all of game developers.

Crysis 2 looks better than KZ3 and Crysis 3 having some of the best foliage I've ever seen in a console game and being open world at the same time using more advanced forms of AA with everything happening in real-time is proof in itself that this will be the best looking game on consoles.

I didn't see a single jaggie in the trailer whereas the screens released for TLOU had jaggies all over the place and the foliage is nowhere near the quality of Crysis 3's.

It's all about who has the better engine. All you fanboys need to flippin wake up and get the hell out of la la land.

PersonMan2001d ago

I thought UC3 looked way better than UC2... unless you're talking about the Multiplayer (which I don't even play).

They significantly upgraded the lighting engine, the textures look sharper and the ship level almost gave me an orgasm. UC3 was a much nicer looking game than UC2 in my opinion.

basilezz30302000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

you must be one extreme xbox fanboy

you start with "The fact"
and then al i see is your own opinion
when the game cleaned all the gfx awards last year while not one game on consoles did that
including crysis 2 didn't won a damn thing
uncharted 3 have 60+ GFX award

next time at least back what you say
not just your soo basied opinion

Gamer30002000d ago

damn basil you owned him big time and yes he is an xbox fanboy read his comment history
he was so hurt when uncharted 3 won all the gfx awards
so he he will say any thing to bring the game down
truth hurt??
and lol at crytek
they said the same thing for 2 and
every one laughed at them i hope
the 3rd fail too

user77927882000d ago

KZ3 is locked at 30fps and 0% screen tear, cant say the same thing with Crysis 2 now can you?

and imo KZ3 has better graphics

baodeus2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

you guys keep forgetting the differences between technical and art direction. Graphic award aren't based on Technical aspect, if it is, BF3 on PC should have won the award.

Funny, they didn't include them in graphic award and Crysis 2 didn't even get nominated.

Is there a reason why those 2 didn't make the cut for graphics award if graphic we talking here is based on technical aspect?

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