StarCraft II - Putting the S back into RTS

Gameplayer has gone live with the latest look at Blizzard's upcoming RTS StarCraft 2, returning to game rooms for the first time since 1998. In particular the article examines changes to the unit structure, tech tree and gameplay balancing.

"A decade after the original's release StarCraft is back; better looking and with more strategy than you can poke a zergling at."

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StormSoldier3994d ago

I wish it would come out alrdy cant wait to play it seems rly serious with the new stuff cant wait to see the zerg alrdy waiting with patience...................... ............................... .........

xplosneer3994d ago

Top reason I got a new PC. :P


Genki3993d ago

What I had was more than capable of running SCII, but oh well, nothing wrong with more horsepower under the hood...oh nothing except the price tag that is >_<

Anyway, I love Starcraft. Not loved, LOVE. To this day it's my favorite game, irrespective of platform.

As a single player experience, it had some of the most memorable characters, challenging levels, and engrossing stories I've ever experienced.

As a multiplayer was it a beast. The most well balanced multiplayer game I've played up to now, not much else comes close IMO.

Heh, heh...needless to say, I've got high hopes for the sequel.

Panthers3993d ago

Brood War didnt add a 4th race, did it? I am almost positive it didn't. What is this guy talking about?

Genki3993d ago

There was a secret mission during the campaign in which you controlled Zeratul. He was tailing Duran, and Duran had several cases with Protoss/Xel'Naga hybrids in them, or something to that effect.

I say sort of because since it was more of an experiment, you can't really count them as a bona fide least not until we know of what happened with them and Duran. Heck, in that one Duran himself is very obviously not Zerg, Protoss, or Terran. I won't say he's Xel himself, but he may be something that they created or part of a race that was superior to them. Who knows. Ugh, this is killing me.

MK_Red3993d ago

StarCraft is among my all time faves and best RTS I've ever played. I was kinda disappointed in WarCraft 3 to see it focusing more on heros and unit control of fewer armies rather than real strategy like StarCraft. Hopefully SC2 indeed puts S back into RTS.

Genki3993d ago

but I grew to appreciate it. It carved it's own identity I think. If they rehashed Starcraft with a Warcraft coat of paint, then I think I would have been more disappointed. Personally I think the way the game ended up works very well for what it is...but nothing touches Starcraft though.

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