I'm happy being a number on Metacritic

Bitmob Community Writer Tristan Damen realizes his goal of getting a review listed on Metacritic, but does that mean he's aiding in the destruction of the industry? Probably not.

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THR1LLHOUSE2404d ago

I think the issue with Metacritic is less that it exists and more the importance that people put on it. It's crazy that people's jobs can depend on something as simple as a Metacritic score.

Dante1122404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

I think the problem is that too many people depend on metacritic or reviewers in general when it comes to deciding on whether to pick the game up or not. Not many gamers decide for themselves anymore, which in turn, hurts a few new IP/genres that come out that probably aren't bad at all (Reviewer opinions affect sales). Metacritic can really make or break you, which kinda deters most developers and publishers from innovating too much.

Megaton2404d ago

Metacritic hurts the industry. The best thing you could do if you care at all about the industry is not visit that site. Just look at what happened to Obsidian as a direct result of Metacritic.