New GUI in Motorstorm 2

Ryan at Evolution Studios writes:

"Happy new year everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the holidays, I know I did!

The majority of us are now all back in the office, slugging away to make our next game the best we've ever done, so all you lucky people can enjoy the very best that our future games will have to offer! And on that note, I'd like to have a quick chat about what I'm currently working on for the sequel to MotorStorm: the GUI (Graphical User Interface). We've been working on the design of the GUI for several months, taking what we did for MotorStorm and throwing it out the window, completely starting from scratch.

We've approached the design of the GUI from a fresh angle and I think we've come up with something pretty impressive, both functionally and artistically. At the moment we have a solid design and a basic, functional GUI comprised of placeholder art and text, nothing to write home about! However, we are just about to get started on implementing the incredible art that the Graphic Design team has come up with so we can start getting a real sense of how the GUI will finally work, both visually and functionally. Unfortunately I can't go into any more detail than that at the moment, but I'll be writing more on this as we move further along in development."

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InMyOpinion3968d ago

Interesting, but I would also like to know more about the ingame graphics engine. Can't wait to see screens from this game.

fenderputty3968d ago

I read somewhere a while back that after the first one had been developed, they had already finished version 2 of their engine. If they have a better engine, more cleaned up textures and an inside the car GUI, I'll cry from joy.

decapitator3968d ago

Thanks for the interesting read. Am definitely looking forward to this game. I hope we get at least a trailer next month at GDC

neogeo3968d ago

This engine will be loaded with frame rate and washed out graphics.
PS3 is only a bluray player and can't handle anything other then movies. it has NO GAMES!

3DO 4 life!

Real Gambler3968d ago

They take way to long to get to where you want to go. Forget all the nice graphic, forget all the nice menu, sub-menu, sub-sub-menu.

Give me all the options you want, but no graphic and the first two have to be:
- Play an online game (with the same parameters, server, set-up I used last time)
- Play a game against the PS3

Most games, you have to press 5 buttons before you get where you want.

Even Motorstorm went from 3D graphic GUI to 2D and that was awesome.

Cut the stuff, we want to play games, not spend time in the GUI!

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whateva3968d ago

can't wait for this MS looks so good I know part 2 will be crazy.

Genki3968d ago

but I'm much more interested in hearing/seeing how the game itself is coming along.

Their continued support of Motorstorm has been admirable to say the least, but I'm the sort of person who prefers that such precious time and resources be devoted to the next installment of the franchise.

I only wonder how much of a leap the sequel will be. If it's a big one then great. If not, all I'll be left wondering is how much better could it have been if they didn't spend so much time adding stuff to the first one.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

mullet3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

And they seem very confident in that MotorStorm 2 will look miles better. Can't wait to see/play it.

demolitionX3968d ago

i need split screen...........

fenderputty3968d ago

They do need to add a couple things. Namely split screen. They also need a new GUI and more tracks. A couple other options would be nice to like a quick race option. The tickets are cool but, it would be nice to just have a quick race option. After unlocking maps by playing the tickets, a user could quick race, pick the map and the car set and then just play. With split screen of course. The game at it's core is one of the most fun I've ever played. If they add these things, we're talking one of the best games to come out on this platform.

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