Pre-Order Max Payne 3, Get $20 Towards GTA V, First DLC Free At Best Buy

Future Shop has started a new pre-order bonus for the upcoming Max Payne 3 and it will give you a good chunk of money off of the upcoming Rockstar blockbuster, Grand Theft Auto V and Best Buy is also having their own pre-order bonus.

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Convas2284d ago

Hmm, I hope Amazon follows suit ...

TrendyGamers2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

I just updated it with a somewhat similar deal that Best Buy is offering.

Crazyglues2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Great now this comes out, after I already bought it from

That's a sweet deal I would have took that $20 off in-store.. -and put it towards the purchase of GTA V


Outsider-G2277d ago

If I didn't see this article, I wouldn't have been able to go after this great deal. Thanks.

xVeZx2284d ago

was abour to say the same thing

BringingTheThunder2284d ago

sweet. think i'll take the money over the dlc.

Rearden2284d ago

Already pre-ordered Max Payne 3 :(

TrendyGamers2284d ago

If you got it from either of these stores, just ask for the bonuses, or maybe cancel the other to take advantage of this?

Outsider-G2278d ago

Glad I took advantage of this deal.