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Originally released on PC, PlayStation 2, and the original Xbox about a decade ago, Max Payne is the story of a fugitive undercover cop framed for killing a police officer during a particularly harsh New York winter. Back in the day Max Payne achieved both critical and financial success, with particular praise for its stylish narrative, and it has now been made available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. We check it out and report back.

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mightyles2407d ago

I love Max Payne... even the crappy nightmare sections. It's just so stylish.

mahmoods262407d ago

I don't agree with certain points in this review. Firstly the characters look flat and squared because this is a port of the original not a remake. Secondly, the longevity of the title is hardly in question as there are other titles with about an hour or playtime on the app store which are still considered AAA titles. You can't judge it as a console remake, you have to judge it against the app store. Keeping that in mind I still agree with the final score.

HungPHATx2407d ago

Im having a blast playing this on my iPad 3 ! Brings back memorys when I first played it on The orginal Xbox, this will keep me busy till Max Payne 3 in May, which I can't wait for.....