Lollipop Chainsaw designed “so that girls can play zombie games”

“All the girls in the world love glitter and shiny things,” jokes Suda 51 as he explains how he wanted to make Lollipop Chainsaw a zombie game for girls.

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Splooshington2408d ago

I feel patronised and I'm not even a girl.

DeadSpaced2408d ago

For some reason, I highly doubt this game was made for girls. More likely, about girls.

Alos882408d ago

Sounds like he's aiming for a market that doesn't exist.

Redempteur2408d ago

Who knows ?? They might be hidding , and waiting for a title like this to show the world their existence ...

Baka-akaB2408d ago

Well regardless of the intent , it's not such a bad idea . At least guys into sexy chars get their fill , and girls tired of bulky moronic soldiers and marines finally get something else

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