Sony Bringing Blu-Ray on PSP

Sony kicked off its CES conference today with some big news highlighting several planned BD-Live interactive features coming to Blu-ray in 2008. During an interactive demo on the show floor, Sony revealed a series of interactive features currently planned for the BD-Live networking capabilities.

The first feature previewed was one that would allow viewers to send ringtones to their personal mobile phones, including content from the movie itself. Viewers could extract lines of dialogue from the movie or other audio clips.

More excitingly revealed was that Sony is planning select Blu-ray title that will include a version of the film encoded for the PSP, thus making the film portable. However, Sony didn't announce a planned release date or titles that will include this new feature.

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akaFullMetal3914d ago

that could be really cool, now you can just pop in the movie in your ps3, and leave and when you have time watch it, cool

TheTwelve3914d ago

Oh my goodness..Sony is just going nuts here. Do they ever stop thinking of ways to be cool? I mean, seriously...they are just blowing me away. Sony doesn't wait and react. They always try their best to be the first in everything. This means that they make a lot of mistakes too, but when they succeed...boy it really pays off.

Sony's got balls.

This is awesome.


solidt123914d ago

Sony is the true leader of innovation in electronics. I will always buy Sony(except for TV's, I can't afford a Bravia but maybe one day).

n_n3914d ago

talk about being awesome! buy a blu-ray movie and watch it remotely on your PSP.. no more UMD's for me now... this is sweet news!

Skerj3914d ago

Ok, see they should have done this from the getgo then we wouldn't have had that UMD movie fiasco. Granted that happened before the PS3 launch, but people would be more willing to shell out for a BD if it serves a dual purpose.

niall773914d ago if only I didnt have a 256mb card in my psp

chester3914d ago

well apparently you're going to be able to buy a 16gb card starting this spring for $300

solidt123914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

Earlier they anounced a 16 gig duo card for the PSP. Now that will fit alot of movies.

mintaro3914d ago

so does that mean they're making a new psp?

Wii60PS3DSPSP3914d ago

"the film portable"? Thanks Sony but you know I kind of bought it for games mainly.

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The story is too old to be commented.