COD MW3 Multiplayer how to avoid getting spawn trapped by a AC-130

No one finds pleasure in losing but if you are down and they call out a AC-130 things are about to get worst. This article talks about how to avoid being spawn killed by the ac-130 on team games.

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jon12342356d ago

i know how! dont play cod hahaha

NegativeCreep4272356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

But that is only because my brother, whom is the biggest COD fanboy I know - He'll look over Twisted Metal, Uncharted 3, Batman: Arkham City, and Mass Effect 3 just to play Call of Duty Black Ops and now MW3 - came back from Afghanistan and wanted me to buy it for him to enjoy.

I'm looking up such articles above just to potentially avoid him from throwing another controller through the wall because he got cheated out of kills in COD online multiplayer.

Yet he still loves COD. Masochist, I guess.

Tapioca Cold2355d ago

did you serve in Afghanistan? You are brave and not forgotten. I'm canadian too.

Thank you.

dcortz20272356d ago

Hahaha that was exactly what I thought when I read the headline!

Reborn2355d ago

Blind eye + Stingers? Isn't it common sense to have a class to take out air support?

I can't really see how difficult it can be...

b4mw32355d ago

easier said then done. lets say you are running a other class and they call out a ac130 you wont get your gear till you die right. once you die you will be spawned next to teammates. they don't need to see you blind eye wont effect them in that case. watch the video on the post 2 of those players killed are using blind eye. Even worst is if you spawn and try to take it out you are standing in one place making your self and all teammates by you a target. also lets not forget your not taking it down with 1 shot and it has flares which make your rockets target it and missing the ac130.

You got the right idea for sure but yea that is easier said then done. i have killed so many in there spawn with blind eye.

SecretPsycho2355d ago

Have one class with blind eye maybe?
Or have sam turrets?
or emp?
There's quite afew way ya know

Getowned2355d ago

ehh. I would rather play superman 64.

SwiftShot2355d ago

This is exactly why I carry stingers on every class. Then again I never been spawn trapped by a AC-130. I also love shooting stuff down right when it comes up to the map. My team-mates get mad when no one shoots stuff down, yet they run around with snipers and pistols or something stupid just yelling, "SHOOT IT DOWN U F*Ck MOTHERF*CK*ER N*GG*R GAHHHH