Should Pit have returned on Wii U?

When the 3DS was initially unveiled at E3 2010, Nintendo led the system out with Kid Icarus: Uprising as its flagship game, heralding the return of Pit for the first time in 2 decades. However the game failed to see the 3DS's launch, arguably costing the system big sales, and has only recently been released, a full year after its planned release. So with the game so late and no longer leading the 3DS, should Nintendo have moved development on this impressive game to Wii U?

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Abash2447d ago

No, 3DS was a nice spot to revive the series. But the next Kid Icarus game should definitely be on Wii U

christheredhead2447d ago

Exactly. I'm sure we'll probably see a Kid Icarus game on WiiU at some point in time. Its highly unlikely they would release one 3ds game and then shelve the character again. I wouldn't be surprised even if we saw a sequel on the 3ds.

PopRocks3592447d ago

A Kid Icarus game on Wii U would be nice. But since the thing isn't even out yet, the 3DS was a great outlet to revive the franchise.

Redempteur2446d ago

No , it's best to make a 3ds game now and another wii U title later ... that would be a good way to push this franchise.

2EHO2446d ago

Who said he won't be on Wii U??

Indigo1232446d ago

the 3ds was a fine system to put it on

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