3DS Virtual Console has Made Me Part of the Problem

Jeremy Parish: Two days ago, Nintendo's eShop update included the opportunity to purchase NES classic Punch-Out!! for 3DS. Nice, I thought. That wasn't one of the Ambassador games, so this is a great sign that Nintendo's about to begin making a serious push to get NES software on 3DS. So I did what any red-blooded NES fan would do and bought it.

I was instantly filled with regret.

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klecser2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

This is a pretty naive article. A couple points:

1) iTunes didn't allow you to share amongst devices through cloud NOR download old purchases on new devices until late last year. So, its not like Apple had some brilliant plan. They were VERY late to the party.

2) All of the clauses that people ignore for digital downloads say that you don't own any of the files. They can pull them from their shop and OFF YOUR DEVICE at any time. This isn't unique to Nintendo. If the writer is just figuring this out for the first time he should be lamenting the whole practice, because Nintendo is just following suit with every one else.

3) And this is probably the most brutal truth for many people: Gamers seem to be pretty selfish people. I've been online since "online" was a thing and I've been a gamer my whole life and the incontrovertible truth that I have learned is that most gamers only think about what matters for them when evaluating a "gaming" issue. They have ZERO empathy for other people's needs. Re-release of old games is a good example of this. People complain about pricing on games that "they already bought", whether when the game first released or when a new device comes out. I mean, man up, seriously. If the game matters to you and you actually want to play it again, support Nintendo and buy it again. If you played it once and don't want to play it again, then DON'T. Nobody is forcing you to buy the product. Gamers ignore emerging markets that are not them personally, and it makes us all look like a bunch of tools that follow the stereotypes of fat out-of-work guys in parent's basements. Did you know that there are children and teens (heck even 20 somethings now) out there that have never seen or played these games before? Did you know that many classic games do have great gameplay, and that when you re-release them you have to pay employees to emulate on new devices and pay royalties to the original designers? So, complaining about the price does nothing but reveal how ridiculously naive you are about the world and consumer markets. Maybe you aren't the intended market. Did you ever think of that?

Yes, there are problems with DLC. This article highlights the anti-problems. This article is about the problem of perspective, and what it is like to not have any. If we want to have a serious discussion about DLC, I'm game. This isn't it.

Venox20082443d ago

really nice comment, especially agree about #3

Smashbro292443d ago

This is bull. IT'S THE SAME DAMN GAME! Good thing Sony allows me to have one solid account. It's gonna be pretty upsetting when I end up getting a 3DS.

klecser2443d ago

That's like saying: "I'm gonna be pretty upset when I end up buying a bucket of fish guts." Well, duh. Nobody forced you to buy anything. Are you one of those gamers that for some god-awful reason thinks that your purchases are out of your control?

MadMax2443d ago

Then dont buy it! Nobody is forcing you, are they? Ive only bought dlc two times in my entire life, for the simple fact that i dont support it, and dont care for it!