Anteworld is the game that will be powered by the amazing Outerra Engine

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, we informed you about the impressive Outerra Tech Demo. Well, it’s time now to reveal the game that will most probably powered by this jaw-dropping procedural engine. So, the game that will be powered by Outerra will be called Anteworld and it will be a world-building game on a massive true-to-life scale of our planet."

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portugamer2443d ago

yeah, i want an engine like that. then, add the cars from gta4. add buildings like sim city, but like real world textures. add people modeled like uncharted or heavy rain.
add trees from crysis 1. use water,snow,wind,sand effects from uncharted games. add a weapon designer/generator, with perks/options shared over the levels. add an AI generator, with templates, like on little big planet 2.
let people build scripts, and actions, between people, objects, cars, everything, to build up some scripts, scenarios, stories. let people use a character generator, to build humans, animals, birds, aliens, with growing and age properties, from baby to old. let people use a clothes generator, with thousands of textures, shapes, colors, available. let people generate cars, vehicles,planes, space ships. let people design food, objects, furniture. for example, you can design food for a particular race.

give us a job generator. for example, you need to go a country, you need to grab a xx language teacher. you need a phone to call another planet ? you need a phone upgrade, you need a special aerial tech need to get a calling plan, you need other things to do. it would be up to the designers, to create scripts, dependencies between objects, features for each object, rare or not, cheap or not, heavy, destructible, etc etc.

let all those things be animated. let people design buildings, rooms, interiors. let people use these buildings and design a city. let people populate those cities with people, cars, birds, trees

let people use these cities and build countries. mix those oceans, mountains, countries, and build a planet.

then, let people use these planets, and build complete galaxies, each one with a sun, and other stars, that only some people and some ships, with xxx special features, powers, etc.

you could be in a planet, walk near a guy, and while you, you are looking for a buggy, in some garages, so you can drive to the desert, and collect a special cactus, so you can make a special drink, that gives you +1 for one of the hundreds capabilities of your main character, the other guy would be going to cut his hair, and buy some sun glasses, so he can infiltrate a party, where he can steal the plans for a new technology.

people could build dialogs(text only, of course), for actions, descriptions, etc, for every script, mission, etc.

there would be so many things to do, you could open a school, a cd store.a garage. a factory. you could be a lawyer, a driver, a plumber, an assassin. you could meet a girl, who would be played by another real world user, in europe, for example. you could have virtual children, you could buy him some presents, depending how much money you would have earned, based on your job in the game, etc.
then, on the "sim city" related part of the game, you could move to a town, you could buy some space, from another user(this user went to a school, and could buy a license that would let him sell houses, etc). in that space, you could buy a house from an architect(another player that would have followed some classes, that would let him draw houses, in the game. you would be able to buy furniture, from a shop, where another player works. this player would have some manual capabilities, for working with wood, leather, etc, and build, for example, a sofa.

portugamer2443d ago

for example, it would be up to you, to have enough money to leave the planet earth, for example(you would need money, good health, and many many other stuff, like +20 on this, + 35 on that, etc, among the hundreds of capabilities of your main character in the game , so you can fly to another planet. once in the planet, you could make some researches, to find materials, that would be rare, on earth. you could build some factories, to attract people, so they settle down, work for you, etc. and life would start on that planet, with more people coming, living, with many new technologies, etc etc.

with some good and easy editors, people could create materials, stuff, products, food, each one with its own hundred properties, in order to create other materials.

will all these galaxies, planets, countries, towns, places, buildings, rooms, objects,script editors, character editors, etc etc, people would be able to feel they're really "live", on the game, doing the stuff you want, when you want. if a guy can spend 3 hours a day, on the game, sure, we would get things faster than the one who only plays 3 hours a week. but there would always be new stuff to do, new stories, etc.

at the beginning, the game maker would only make the planet earth available, but as people would start to have the capabilities needed, they could go to another country. and another, and another. i'm sure a web server can easily handle, like 10'000 connections, for each city.

and then, the game would evolve, thanks to the community, the script makers, the level designers, etc etc. there would be some great and fantastic missions, stuff to do, etc. a virtual real world. where you would pay a subscription, every year. with stuff to buy, with real money. where you could simply have a virtual wife and children, controlled by you, where you would just try to give them a good life, a job, comfort, school. or you could decide to be a taxi driver. or a pilot. or an assassin. or a lawyer. or a fortune-teller. or a gogo dancer. or a rich guy. you could apply to a specific job. or travel to another country, and visit paris, for example. you could choose to move from new york, to a small town, in italy, and sell fish. or you could move to south-africa, and visit the city, and do a safari. and take pictures from that safary, and sell them to an ad agency.

you could be and do what you want, you could do what you couldn't do, in real life.

this is the generic idea, without going further on the details. but i really hope someday, an editor will decide to do a game like this. with the ps4 and x720, a blu-ray for space, and online space, for saving the worlds, database, etc, i think this could be done. add google, and you would have some ads, in the street, etc, where you would earn some virtual cash, for buying stuff and living, in the virtual world.

i really want to see this, one day, even in 20 years. i believe this could be awesome.

for those who read till the end, sorry. maybe it's a bit off topic, but this would be a dream come true,for me. it would be great. once again, sorry for the long post.

madcow602443d ago

man, i hope it happens, one day. could be an incredible experience.

john22442d ago

yeah portugamer, that would be epic. Doubt though that we will see anything like that anytime soon :(