Quantic Dream's Kara: Predicting Your Future

Quantic Dream's is one of the more innovative developers of this generation. Though they received some flak for making an entire experience comprised of only QTE’s, with the release of Heavy Rain, their new tech demo drops some hints that they could be headed down an entirely new road.

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vgcgames2238d ago

I hope they make this game. it looks amazing. Cant stop watching the trailer.

Virtual_Reality2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

It will definitely happen. This is what they call the Singularity.
Many scientists are aware of that, like the theories of Michio Kaku.

Check this interesting video:

DirtyMike2238d ago

T agree.. Its crazy where things are going. Our life could be whats seen in Movies like the Matrix and Terminator.

Tommy3342238d ago

Its 2012 also well be long gone by then.

DirtyMike2238d ago

agreed.. would be cool to see though.