A Response to David Jaffe's "Story Game" Rant

The dust has settled on D.I.C.E, and NoTR takes a look at several of the keynotes including breakdowns and responses/rebuttals to the points made. David Jaffe has an interesting panel on the importance of story in gaming, and the response was a bit bittersweet.

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Objective2437d ago

Judging by the gameplay Jaffe offers, it might be advisable for him to add some story to his games.

Hicken2437d ago

A game without a story can be done. Most of the oldest classics (Tetris, Pac Man, etc) have little or no story, and they're still fun, still enjoyable.

A game without gameplay... isn't a game.

NeloAnjelo2437d ago

This is a good read. I am big Jaffe Fan. However, I play games for story and I agree with the writer's comments in that only some games aren't fitted to stories... For example Driving and most sport games. Its the gameplay mechanic and overall designs that makes that genre good.

However... take GOW and Twisted Metal Black... both Jaffe games, had incredible stories, and made you feel for the protagonists.

I want more story in games.