Max Payne 3 Will Be Awesome! -

"Ever since Rockstar unveiled Max Payne’s new sun washed, bald Grizzly Adams look, naysayers have erupted claiming Finnish studio Remedy has resurrected a zombified version of the classic noire series. But we here at Gaming Union say nay to the naysayers, arguing that just because Max has put on a few pounds and grown a set of whiskers doesn’t mean he’s ready to be put out to pasture just yet."

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audiogamerman2494d ago

Who knows. I may have to give it a shot!

Hardedge2494d ago

Certainly looking forward to this! The new animation system looks sweet, and certainly gotta support the local studios! Kudos to Rockstar Vancouver!

Sanrin2494d ago

Agreed, I'll be all over this one.