Double Fine Using Kickstarter Bothers Me - Saving Content

Excerpt: "I asked a very simple question on Twitter that sparked healthy conversation between friends and acquaintances regarding my feelings about Double Fine starting a project using Kickstarter, a secure, crowd-source funding platform. Though I’m clearly in the minority for my thinking on this. A friend even stated I was being “mean spirited”, which is not my intention – I know it is a narrow focus of discussion, but it bothers me. I am a huge fan of Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions and have nothing against them or the idea of getting funding from fans to start a project that would otherwise never exist.

Let’s first take a look at how Double Fine got here (detailed in their pitch video). The most frequently asked question to Tim and the team is when they’ll make a classic point-and-click adventure game like that of Grim Fandago or Day of the Tentacle. If Tim approached a publisher with the idea to create a new point-and-click adventure game, they would be immediately re...

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gotgame19852172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

No matter what someone is doing there is always going to be someone hating on them, I just don't understand some people.

BrutallyBlunt2170d ago

It's not hating. I understand where the author is coming from as much smaller devs are in more dire need of funding. Tim is a very respectable person who has a lot of street credit. Good for him getting the funding but will the attention be taken away from the smaller guys?

ThichQuangDuck2170d ago

If this leads to the game people wanted made getting out there. They donate and get the game what is wrong with this, I believe this raises awareness about kick starters for smaller developers and big developers a like.

BrutallyBlunt2170d ago

Well i do hope this game is a success just for the sake that big companies don't like taking risks. We need more funding for original ideas.

ThichQuangDuck2170d ago

Cannot agree more, this is the solution to the complaint of no new IPs. If you want a new ip fund it and you will get the game for free. They just start off with a base, I am assuming could be wrong that people who funded it will have a key part in the game. Thus they make their dream game through donations nothing wrong with that at all to me.