Strictly Come Dancing game axed

Ubisoft has canned its licensed music game Strictly Come Dancing, MCV reports.

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DanSolo2352d ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooo!!!!!

Buy why dammit, WHY?????

rezzah2352d ago

Personally I see dancing games as a means to make easy money, and a lot of it too.

Social people (which I think makes up to majority in the world/ or maybe just more noticeable), are more likely to enjoy being around others. Which leads to enjoying activities that includes others, in other words 'dancing'. Being a casual type game, and that the casual population is greater than the "core" population, more are very likely to purchase a dancing game in order to be with other social people (friends/family).

Knowing this companies will want to take advantage of their conscious wants.

these types of games, though they may sell a lot, do not keep the casual consumer interested in the long run. So companies need to find ways to create now ways to attract the same type of consumer into buying the same product with various changes.

If the company feels that they cannot increase or hold similar sales to other dance games, then they would likely not bother creating the game.

Which is probably the case with this game.