Alan Wake PC Details - Textures will be polished at specific spots, game uses 6991 textures in total

DSOGaming writes: "Since the announcement of Alan Wake’s PC version, a lot of gamers have been wondering whether Remedy would be using textures of a higher resolution or not. And at last, we can finally answer to that question."

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Letros2363d ago

Sounds great, it's good to hear Remedy is polishing this up nicely for the PC audience.

Pikajew2363d ago

Just give me the day its coming out on. I know February, but when in February?

kainslayer2363d ago

the same trash talk as the x360 i saw remedys heavy polishing on the 360 version ....laughable!!!!! , as for the pc version
more resolution and aa will be the case so PASS!!!

h311rais3r2363d ago

I hope to god of gaming your joking.

kainslayer2362d ago

yeah it depends if you remember the hype train behind this game and how it was consolified from open world to ...well to the outcome of it and how long it took to get to the level of ..that.Sorry but remedy cut alot of corners to dish out alan wake the way it did and as for the cramy pc port dont bother unless you havent playd the dlcs and if they are included.Its all about milking their franchise in the end sorry if you cant see otherwise

SKUD2363d ago

Those in-game ads are gonna look so good.

SeraphimBlade2363d ago

you'll practically be able to FEEL the amazing coverage and service provided by Verizon.

multipayer2363d ago

Is that alot of textures? I've played through the game on 360 and I'd have to say no.

Animals_as_Leaders2363d ago

...did you count the textures from the 360 version? How would you know?

The only thing you can know for sure, is you bought by far the worst version of this game.

Tool confirmed.

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