Microsoft is adapting Kinect for laptops

The Daily - "The Daily had a chance to check out a pair of prototypes incorporating Kinect sensors over the last few days. The devices, which at first glance appear to be Asus netbooks running Windows 8, feature an array of small sensors stretching over the top of the screen where the webcam would normally be. At the bottom of the display is a set of what appear to be LEDs."

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ninjahunter2490d ago

You know what, Maby if If it was affordable for a laptop I might spring for it, Honestly, I like to push technology forward. But its still lower on the list than a B3 Bomber jacket, which is the equivilant to the jacket leon wore in resident evil 4.

GribbleGrunger2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

i wonder if the company that developed the technology that went into Kinect are happy about the fact that MS are constantly making it appear that the technology that goes into these new devices is Kinect technology. it's like Sony claiming Duelshock technology is in other devices without acknowledging that it's actually Immersion technology.

another perfect example is the adverts that claim: 'i'm a PC' and demonstrate windows technology, as if to subliminally plant into peoples heads that all PCs are MS PCs.

gamingdroid2490d ago

The "other" company only enable 3D camera technology and they aren't the only one. Most of what makes Kinect, Kinect is the software.

Do you know how much research went into making the software for Kinect?

darthv722490d ago

Maybe it comes down to the awareness of the names. Sony has touted the dual shock even though its immersion and that same immersion tech is used in other controllers not just sony.

Yet the camera tech in kinect was created by primesense which isnt used for anything else. Depending on the contract, MS may have that right to promote the tech (in general) as kinect due to what people know it as.

GribbleGrunger2490d ago

yeah, fair enough, you could be right there