Activision: Why Xbox 360 gets Call of Duty Elite maps first

Eurogamer: "Nobody's going to get ripped off."

Some silly old sausages have "convinced themselves" that having a Call of Duty Elite subscription means they are entitled to maps on PC and PlayStation 3 at the same time as on Xbox 360.

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DrFUD2218d ago

It's okay...I still think Counter Strike takes over half of COD's players away when it releases.

Pikajew2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Are you high? The average cod kid is not smart enough to play CS. CS takes skill to to win and cod takes luck. To win in cod all you have to do is throw a knife and hope to kill a person and shoot the whole time.

gamingdroid2218d ago

Intelligence has little to do with what people like or prefer. Preference has never been an indicator for intelligence.

That said, you are responding to DrFUD's comment! ... let me repeat that, Dr. "FUD".

Thedudehere2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

the throwing knife is one of the few ways to show any form of skill in cod! its the mindless quikscopers and spawn campers that make me wish for great game to knock off cod.

GraveLord2218d ago

Digital Only so no chance.

Brosy2218d ago

I would say you are right. Its all business though. If MS wants to pay for that, then they are totally within there right to do so. It's exclusive stuff like this that MS pays for instead of spending more on buying studios. Id say it works too because it must suck to be only a PC,PS3 owner. But really a month between releases isn't that bad. Although it does give people a reason to own a 360.

Wintersun6162218d ago

There's 4 possible reasons. $, €, £ or ¥. But which one is it? Now there's a question.

Dlacy13g2218d ago

@Wintersun616 well put....but clearly given its MS...its all about the benjamins i.e. $$$$$

despair2218d ago

tough choices, but I'm gonna take a stab at it and say, its not the last one :)

Pushagree2218d ago

Who cares? MW 2.1 is a ripoff no matter what. Glad I never bought that crap.

bodybombs2218d ago

wait, does this mean that its really MW 1.8?

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The story is too old to be commented.