Next-gen Call Of Duty Already In Development?

360 Magazine: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is still riding high, but is a next-gen COD already in the works at Infinity Ward?

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Biglet2347d ago

It's gotta be, there's no way a forward-thinking publisher like Activision wouldn't have something in the pipeline, however rudimentary it is.

Dailynch2347d ago

Yeah, but think about it, it's a next-gen COD. Yahoo!!

chaldo2347d ago

Yeah I can see it now...

They finally make it on a new engine and keep it on the same engine for the next 20 years.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2347d ago

Next gen Xbox, with a launch of a new next gen COD, along with a Gears and a Halo = Another great generation for the Xbox family!

Make it happen MS!

ginsunuva2347d ago

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not

Cosmit2347d ago

I don't see what the problem is. CoD, Gears, and Halo on Next are excellent games. Get that fanboyism out of here.

RememberThe3572346d ago

Yeah, I don't agree with your preference in games, so your such a fanboy!


Get THAT outta here.

MurDocINC2347d ago

Yep, gotta squeeze that fruit while it's still ripe!

Lazy_Sunday2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

It will have the visual power of Crysis 2 at 60FPS.
With the graphical milking of CoD 4-8. Yep, we're on 8.
Suprised? Maybe.
Depressed? A little.

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Hufandpuf2347d ago

I don't think so. Usually IW and Treyarch feed from each other with each release so I doubt the next game will feel next gen let alone look next gen.

jdktech20102347d ago

What are you smoking? They don't even act like each other exists....I guarantee the only reason there's a theater mode in MW3 is Activision forced it.

Traditionally, they treat it like the other company doesn't least from what I've seen

Hufandpuf2347d ago

Then why does each iteration feel the same?

Joe29112347d ago

It doesn't. MW3 feels like MW2 and CoD4. BO felt like [email protected] (slightly better imo than [email protected]).

JeffGUNZ2346d ago

@ hufandpuf

I agree with JDKTech2010. IW's COD's feel much different and much more fluid then Tryarchs. I can easily tell who made which game. Activision forces the similarities dues to the series, but each developer has their unique signature to each game.

jdktech20102346d ago

Exactly and the games by each developer are the same...there's no denying they both need more innovation but they are not the same game year in and year out completely.

I'm actually looking forward to see what Treyarch does...otherwise it might spell the end of COD for me because I'm about to trade in MW3 after 15 hours....had some fun but overall just not a good game

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fluffydelusions2347d ago

It will probably look like the current PC version of COD at high settings or something

Cosmit2347d ago

Treyarch games from Infinity Ward games are noticeably different. If you would actually play them you'll notice the difference.

Hufandpuf2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

they may look different but they play exactly the same.

And yes, I've played EVERY COD game and the only one that's any good is COD4

filipakos2347d ago

i dont know about next-gen cod but next-gen battlefield came earlier than we expected

FACTUAL evidence2347d ago

It did? Many says it's worse than BC2...

NiKK_4192347d ago

I know I prefer BC2 on consoles at least.

OcularVision2346d ago

BC2 just had that addictive flare to it. BF3 takes itself too seriously, but hey, some people like that too.

bigboss9112347d ago

Call of duty 5 on a modified version of Id tech's new engine. Thats what I want to see.

ginsunuva2347d ago

The current cods are on a modified version of Id Tech's Quake 2 engine lol

bigboss9112347d ago

Thats why I said that. It shouldn't be too hard to transition to it.

i_da_pappy2347d ago

Not gonna be any different from the cod's of this gen

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