Battlefield 3 Hardcore Servers Back Up and Running

MP1st - Those frustrated with the lack of hardcore servers in the console versions of Battlefield 3 need not worry any longer.

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jjb19812376d ago

I hope there ain't a bunch of mortar spammers! Or noob campers who do nothing for their team but camp

soundslike2376d ago

If you make a comment like that then I regret to inform you that you're the noob. Sorry.

scrambles2376d ago

lol if people stop playing tiny maps then theyd see that mortars and camping arent problems at all.

ThichQuangDuck2376d ago

Mortars and campers re annoying on any map. The mortars are infinite, yes they are mainly used on big maps but that is what battlefield is known for and can be cheap with objectives. Campers are easy to go against by just destroying everything around them yet still annoying. I want them to handle shotguns

swishersweets200312376d ago

first it was the miles away snipers, now its motors. people will never stop crying about shit in this game. People act like the motor guy can see everyone at all times on the map. With the lack of spotting its a game of chance if you actually get hit by one. Same about as much chance and cheap of getting wasted by a good run n gunner, a tank with thermal, a good heli pilot. People make it out like its a game breaker but its not, learn to move instead of staying in the same spot. The motor guy can be seen on the map at all times practically, just go find the guy and take him out with a motor yourself.

ThichQuangDuck2375d ago

I do not care about snipers it is part of the game they will kill me sometimes and I will kill them sometimes with my assault rifle. What I do care about is something that has infinite ammo and multiple mortar guys sitting in the back all game blowing up the objectives or basically just playing team deathmatch because it is unnecessary.

RowSand2376d ago

all i want is non respawn game mode like they did with tdm o smaller maps, only the respawn turned off, for ppl who playd socom series and cs know wht im talking abot

scrambles2376d ago

I want a traditional hardcore for BF3. BF3 has too much HUD for a hardcore which generally means no HUD at all. Unless im wrong cuz i havent played hardcore in months.

Tapioca Cold2376d ago

Good. Just stop sniping like a pussie.

I've had it with all the pussies in this world. I'm down getting shit done while your scxared of a digital death. It's a team game. Winning is what matters.