XCOM FPS Pushed to 2013

The XCOM FPS that was expected to come out this year has now been pushed to an unknown date in 2013.

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Godmars2902286d ago

Now that there's an actual Xcom game coming, not just a FPS trying to exploit the name, I get the feeling this one is just going away.

xtremexx2286d ago

i think they did it so that the fps wouldnt just fail catastrophically.

Vladplaya2286d ago

Pretty sure it will fail either way, no one really cares about some generic fps FPS with xcom in its name, specially when from the videos it looks pretty pathetic.

ThirstyforFanta2286d ago

@Vladplaya, I care and I'm sure others care too.
The video looked awesome

JsonHenry2286d ago

I thought the game looked like it might be a decent story driven FPS the likes of Bioshock. I would hate to see is disappear. But being an strategy genre fan.. yeah.. give me a real XCOM game.

BillytheAlien2286d ago

Why make it a FPS, if they wanted to do a differen't XCOM type of game at least they should of made a third person shooter. FPS are way over done these days

SolidGear32286d ago

I've been dying to get this for nearly 2 years. This sucks and it's a kick in the balls to delay for nearly a year. I'll still get this day 1 and Enemy Unknown as well. They both look like amazing games to me.

MidnytRain2286d ago

I must be from another world because what I saw was a pearl unfurl from a dormant and curled position. It was unlike most of what I've seen from the FPS scene, it seemed to lean into a somewhat clean and strategic gleam, which I must say is interesting. I don't understand the hate so selective of the first person perspective when it's only reflective of the camera, which I should say can be very affective depending on the developer's objective.