First look at the next .hack

Gematsu: "Last month, CyberConnect2 announced in a Famitsu interview that it’s hard at work on the next .hack video game. Today, Famitsu published its interview online, including the first direct-feed shots of the new project."

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Megaman_nerd2526d ago

these are huge news for JRPG fans but since the name of the game is not Final Fantasy then no one cares. ;(

princejb1342526d ago

dot hack series is pretty good
but by looking at the screenshot it looks like the person from .hack gu

inveni02525d ago

I sort of enjoyed .hack. It was a little strange in concept, but the game itself was cool enough to warrant a play. Depending on how they approach it this gen, we'll see if the next iteration is worth it.

Hozi2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

I first attempted to play the first in the series on ps2 ".hack: Infection...and it was going good until I got totally lost and couldn't figure out what to do, no matter when I traveled I got my ass kicked from super strong monsters...but I think I may go back and play it over now that I have something called "internet" 24/7

Note: Although I never finished the 1st game, something about the concept appealed to me, I wish we can get another Dark Cloud game as well.

KeybladeMaster2526d ago

Jezz how many games can CyberConnect2 work on. They work on all the Naruto games, Asura's Wrath and now a .hack game. They know how to pump out quality titles on a regular basis.

princejb1342525d ago

cause there quality developers =]

Redempteur2525d ago

they also worked on soul calibur 5 as well ( story mode )

Ranma12525d ago

I was never interested in this series. But with so many few rpg's this gen. I might actually but this game when it comes out

Fullmetalevolust2526d ago

YES!!! Loved GU and all the .hack games. I cannot wait to hear more about this project. The PS2 games were stellar and are almost become collectible items. :)

Son_Lee2526d ago

I love most RPGs, and having never played the .hack series, I'm excited, but I hope I'm not hopelessly lost.

Xandet2526d ago

Bubbles for having Lights as your avatar. She's so fine it's not even fair...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2525d ago

It'll probably get horrible scores in terms of reviews. I mean the games themselves are just fine, but they never seem to get good review scores. Despite that they sell absurdly well(like you cannot find the games anywhere good) and fans just love the games.

soraalam12525d ago

If Kite is in I will instantly buy this! :')

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The story is too old to be commented.