HD DVD and Blu-ray only have 10%

The Black Friday Sale showed a very important fact. Only 10% of the players sold were an HD DVD or Blu-ray machine.

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ddldave3873d ago

when DVD first came out, it sold 10 percent and 90 percent was VHS.

marinelife93872d ago

Why is that bad you have to star somewhere. DVD didn't jump in with a 50% market share.

HarryEtTubMan3873d ago

Imagine that number if this included PS3

pwnsause3873d ago

HD DVD Stand-alone players: 678,000
XBOX 360 HD DVD drive: 270,000
Blu-ray Stand-alone players: 461,000
Playstation 3: 2.5 million

anyway, people are not yet ready to own an HDTV, were the ones (the ones that have an HDTV at Home) that are going to decide what next-Gen Format should be the Standard, and so far, its becoming clear that Blu-ray is the New Standard.

TruthbeTold3873d ago

Low price and the mainstream consumer are what will determine the "winner". Not the people who buy into trends first so they can keep up with the Jones'. The people who are buying in now do have influence, especially since they are so zealous about their respective sides, but in the end, it's all about affordability, practicality, and necessity. These products for the most part aren't there yet. As evidenced by continued overwhelming support for the old format.

wallace10003872d ago

It is the majority of consumers that decide things, not the few early adopters and gamers. If you think that the PS3 owners and the early blu and HD standalone player adopters are making long lasting format war decisions then i hate to burst your bubble. Neither side is going to give up when there are so few players (relativelty speaking) being sold on either side.

kingfury3873d ago

PS3 is nothing more than just a blu-ray player. Trojan horse. I need my games right this instant and PS3 doesnt do it for me. I tried to support it cause I was a fan but I've taken all that I can. I'm trading mine in for 360 because it has the games I need right now. Best of luck to ps3

TANOD3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

PS3 is nothing more than a BD player


can x360 match that?

U never had an x360 in the first place

Danja3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

you go into evry post saying how ur trading in ur PS3 for a 360....umm dude NOBODY CARES..seriously...good for you..when that sh!t starts breaking hope you can go days without playing games...

you need to have an Halo avatar now...since you won't able able to play as lightning in FF13...haha atleast you can play Lost Odyssey..LMAO

gEnKiE3873d ago

lmao...Call me Master Cheif and the 360 is a POS.....

wallace10003872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

What was the point of your comment apart from showing you are a fanboy? I love playing Halo and Mass Effect to name a few, but you don't see me being a complete idiot and saying resistance what a crap game and don't even get me started about warhawk, all crap PS3 has no good games. Morons say stuff like that. Saying stuff like that indeed makes you a waste of space.

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mccomber3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

that according to a survey from last June only about 30% of homes have an HD set (closer to 36-40% by the end of this year), that's really not a bad number overall. Of course DVD is still greatly outselling it's HD rivals, it's simply the most popular format, and the most widely available/compatible. Most people are just now planning on buying the TV that can play it, in the next couple years we'll see the players catch up with that... especially if we can get down to one format.

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