CES 2012: PS Vita’s Augmented Reality Transforms Your Table Into an Arena

PS Blog:
A couple of months ago, a video surfaced that showed off some cool-looking augmented reality apps running on PS Vita. Since then, it’s been confirmed that Vita will come with six AR Play Cards and a voucher to download a handful of free augmented reality mini games via the PSN. Today at CES, we were able to see one of these games in action: Table Football (it will be called Table Soccer in the US, because we already have football).

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Snookies122322d ago

That actually looks really cool... And it's free? That just makes it so much better haha.

just_looken2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

i agree cool and all that but reminds me of the old but at the time innovative Eyetoy Cameo tech lets hope this tech is actually used in more than 10 games.

forgot this other rarely used tech

Dojan1232322d ago

Looks a little hard to play with one hand needed to get focued on the cards. It is cool looking and I assume they will come up with some pretty good uses. I do not want to get day one so I can see the second line of games and how well they will supprort. However this thing is looking better and better.

GribbleGrunger2322d ago

what are you talking about? once the cards are placed, that's it. you don't have to touch them again. did you actually watch the video?

Dojan1232321d ago

I did. Look at him having to old the vita and aiming it on the cards. Looks like he is strugglng.

mayberry2322d ago

Da future amigo, is upon us! Da videos look like there is a lot of potential for some amazing games!

BitbyDeath2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Anyone else notice the alien walk by at 2:30?
Alien technology confirmed.

Snookies122322d ago

Hahaha, freaking amazing man, nice catch there! Good lord... They're blending in so well now, I never would have noticed... o_o

TheHardware2322d ago

that was bibble...hes also responsible for the vita


h311rais3r2322d ago

Looks neat. Wonder how games will use it. Imagine making a full shooter arena like that!?

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