Lamborghini Aventador, “Route X” Circuit, & More in Leaked GT5 2.03 Details

A new track and six new cars are set to become available in Gran Turismo 5′s next update, 2.03.

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PirateThom2353d ago

This is quite an interesting car pack, but I wonder if the NSX Concept is going to be included anywhere...

yewles12353d ago

I'm guessing it might be another free car with the update, like the 86 GT...

Me-Time2353d ago

yewles1 is the best! lol I hardly see you around anywhere so I just had to point that out.

Solid_Snake372353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

^ Riiiight and that wasnt creepy at all...

Crazyglues2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Oh I love that they are adding these cars..

can we also get the 2012 Camaro LF1 Please.. that car is looking like a beast.. -

This would not be hard to do as we already have a Camaro in the game, just need to update and add the specs..

It's in a lot of other games, NFS the run, Forza 4


fei-hung2353d ago

yup and I want the song used in the NSX video just as much as the car!

Looks like PD is finally giving us some of those sexy time cars and omg, no Skyline dlc? lol

Wonder how much the dlc will cost if they also throw in 2 new tracks!

NotSoSilentBob2353d ago

"Edit: This information has now been confirmed by the Asia/Hong Kong official PlayStation site, with the car pack (Car Pack 3) priced at approximately $5 (47HK$) and the “Speed Test Pack” containing Route X priced at approximately $4 (31HK$)."

fei-hung2352d ago


bubbles up for the info.


Same here. I was dying for the Avantador and it is here. Never thought I would see the day, but it is almost upon us!

Dee_912353d ago

3 of those cars were in my top 10 cars I wanted.
Aventador v12 vantage and the xjr-9 LM racecar.
Im seriously close tears of happyness lmao.
Funny thing is I want to drive the beetle first lol.
I hope they make a premium supra rz soon,I think I would be completely satisfied.

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mayberry2353d ago

Can't wait to take the lambo out!

killerhog2353d ago

Gt5 has to be the only racing game to have the worse dlc cars. Really people who are applauding polyphony are freaking fanboys. I owned every gt game including gt5 (98% complete, 59% trophy) and I'm very disappointed in the car selection (most cars are reskinned) and dlc.

MaximusPrime2353d ago

so your profile said "Gt5 is awesome as well!"

Congratulations. Yes you can change it before someone see your profile.

killerhog2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

And?? Your point is? I had that on there when I first got gt5 and didn't dive deep into the game yet. Nice fail on your part. Also even if I said its awesome I could be referring to what isn't a complete mess in gt5. Again nice fail.

Also I never thought I be the person some random looks at my profile to try and call me out LOL.

n4gisatroll2353d ago

He's just looking for attention. This dlc is looking great.

Pintheshadows2353d ago

If you don't like the GT5 car selection then go play a baby racer like Shift 2.

asmith23062353d ago

Im actually thing of getting GT5 again. It sounds like its a different game after all these updates. I want a re review!

Ocean2353d ago

A few more big name cars and some more tracks please PD

n4gisatroll2353d ago

I really want a track pack with 5 tracks. Infineon would pretty much make my day. Since I would have 2 local tracks to race on. But there's so many awesome tracks they could bring back. It's not like us GT fans hate anything from the other games.

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