MW3 First Collection of DLC Coming in March for Non-Elite

MP1st - Robert Bowling has just revealed that players with non paid elite subscriptions will be able to purchase the first collection of DLC in March.

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Wikkid6662236d ago

I will done the game by that point, so I won't be picking it up

Mister_V2236d ago

If there's going to be monthly DLC, it can't be more than, like, $5. That puts it at $50 for ten months worth of DLC. Not sure exactly how long they're going to support this game though.

GraveLord2236d ago

Monthly DLC for Elite users which is free with the elite sub.

Non-elite users get the regular $15 every 3 months DLC map packs.

Mister_V2236d ago

Yeah sorry. Meant for non-elite members. $15/3 months make sense though.

scrambles2236d ago

lots of dlc =/= good

well thought out and well made dlc will last a life time and none of the starter CoD maps impressed me in the slightest.

Der_Kommandant2236d ago

PC and PS3 non elite players will have to wait until April to buy the first collection.


Soldierone2236d ago

Good thing I sold the game, that means the rest of us have to wait till April. I'll just buy the DLC Treyarch makes next November.

I know Raven its a LOT better than Infinity Hammer, so the DLC will be good, but maybe MW3 will be like 10 bucks by that time.

Reborn2236d ago

From what I saw, the maps look like a camp festival.

I think they are better than the current IW*.

Soldierone2236d ago

Raven has done all the DLC for COD. The only maps I didn't really like were some in Black Ops (first Stike), but normally they create good circles to limit the camping and allow a lot of entry points to every area.