XCOM Enemy Unknown: Is This What We Can Expect to Play

While much of what’s to be revealed on XCOM: Enemy Unknown is still, for lack of a better work, unknown, a history of RTS games like XCOM, reveals some insights on the next evolution this new RTS version of the game could make.

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dedicatedtogamers2503d ago

This article is interesting, but the author needs to understand that "RTS" means "real time strategy". X-COM is not an RTS. It is a turn-based tactical game. It has more in common with Jagged Alliance, Disgaea, and Final Fantasy Tactics than it has in common with RTSs like Starcraft and Age of Empires.

Soldierone2503d ago

I notice a LOT of people getting this wrong. Not sure if they just simply didn't play the other games or what.

I'd relate it to Full Spectrum Warrior with a few changes and of course adding in turned based mechanics.

slayorofgods2503d ago

X-COM: Apocalypse anyone?

dedicatedtogamers2503d ago

Yes, Apocalypse had optional real-time gameplay (you could choose real-time or turn-based), but I would be incredibly surprised if that was someone's first entry into the series. The first X-COM is still the best and the most well-known, IMO.

Felinox2503d ago

This has quickly jumped to top of my wish list. After being disgusted with the fps reboot im pretty excited about a game that doesn't require constant attention and twitch reflexes(I'm old). Loved the original back in the day.

Nuvian2503d ago

Why is this being referred to as an RTS? I'm guessing people that write these articles haven't actually played the game.

vortis2503d ago

That's why a lot of those numbskull "journalists" weren't ragging on 2K for their FPS reboot. Half those little kiddies never played the original X-Com and that's why they didn't have a problem with that software abortion XCOM.

I imagine Enemy Unknown needs to make heavy use of current-day physics middleware because ultimately the turn-based mechanics would rock with a lot of fancy destructibility.