How to catch hackers on Xbox LIVE

If Microsoft wants to catch numerous hackers who are polluting Xbox LIVE all they need to do is hop onto Call of Duty: World At War and play a few games. They will find them in droves.

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yesmynameissumo2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Please, what other job of Xbox Live should I do for my $60 a year? Wait...never mind, I don't pay for Live. Things like this happening in the first place, as well as it taking as long as it does for resolution if you are hit, are not selling me on coming back either.

DeathAvengers2538d ago

Yes, because for the money you would probably spend on subway once a month will give you an unhackable service. FYI nothing is unhackable. It's just a matter of time before they find a hole and exploit it. Why would you even go on call of duty (no disrespect) and expect it to be hack free? Or even only have a small amount of hackers? I have Xbox Live and the only game I've encountered hackers was Lost Planet 2. Other than that, I've encountered hackers on Homefront and FEAR 1 on my PC. :/ I swear you all act like a bit of pocket change for live is a dealbreaker.

yesmynameissumo2538d ago

Then bill me like $3 a month. Or let me use MS Points to renew. Since they don't do either, your "pocket change" bullshit really doesn't float.

DeathAvengers2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Actually it does if you think about it. For 60$ a year ($5 dollars a month if you do the math, which is only 2 more dollars than what you put, which is indeed pocket change for most middle class people.) then you will have Xbox Live, a great service with many benefits. However, not unhackable. Also, you're complaining about not being able to renew live with MP? So if you're buying MP with a credit card you can just renew it with that, or even if you go to a store where MP are sold there are most likely Xbox Live subscription cards that cost the same price as normal MP cards. So the only reason you have to complain about that is the 1 or maybe 2 second inconvenience of pulling out your credit card. Or the inconvenience of picking up a Gold Subscription card while at the store (knowing you can't renew with MP). So
my "pocket change" bullshit actually floats.

theseeder2538d ago

yeah I played WaW a while back and people flying across the map who are unkillable are ruining the game

Gamer8162538d ago

Is it the same on PS3 do you know?

theseeder2538d ago

I have only played the 360 version recently

urwifeminder2538d ago

I turned it into my own game and send bad reviews and put cheat complaints against every player who cheats got addicted to reporting them lol .