First Max Payne 3 multiplayer screenshots released

Rockstar Games has just released new batch of Max Payne 3 screenshots showcasing for the first time game's multiplayer portion.

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TurretKiller2390d ago

Does anyone know if this will have loadouts? I hope they don't, I just think loadouts make it seem like every other online game plus I don't see the point where in a few months and most people are a high level to unlock the good guns they just keep using them and people drop like flies (like what happened to Uncharted 3 with Lazarevic's Kal 7). I'd rather find the weapon I want on the map

ginsunuva2390d ago

I've never seen Lazarvic's kal7 on the maps.

TurretKiller2390d ago

Then your obviously not playing much attention, it's a common thing

I mean it's all over the ND forums aswell

ian722389d ago

The Club had a good multi-player (no loadouts), just pick one of the 8 characters and if you wanted a different weapon it was somewhere on the map. I loved that game online. Very underated IMO.
But it is now dead, (sad face).

BattleTorn2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Day 1 buy for me!

(as with everything Rockstar creates)

Play2Win2390d ago

even if they would create a machine that'll punch your face?

Perjoss2390d ago

I cant speak for BattleTorn but...

yes, even if they would create a machine that'll punch my face.

Caleb_1412390d ago

At least with that you could tell whether a reviewer had used the machine... the bloodied face and broken jaw would be a slight indication.

hiredhelp2390d ago

im after ma payne been on my pre order for some time. however these shots look iffy i mean mp wise them names above the heads mmmmm.
still im buying it cos ive played with max since the first max.

Ninjamonkey822390d ago

uncharted with bullet time and less detail :/

hiredhelp2390d ago

You cant even start to compare uncharted you max payne? Do you not understand the story and the game.
Theres no looking for relics or treasure here lol wow uncharted lol.

Ninjamonkey822390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Im comparing the Multiplayers looks. Not the singleplayer element of the game.

If you remember rightly and yes ive played and loved the Remedy Max Payne games. They have NEVER HAD MULTIPLAYER.

This is a third person rip of of an uncharted/if you want GeoW "style" multiplayer even down to the players names above there heads.

Seen it all before thats just all i can say. If Rockstar have any sense they will work on the single player for thats where they need to live up to the games that lay down the max payne name before.

I know is R* but im still not happy without Remedy.

Sometimes people just don't use there eyes when looking at things nether do they use there minds when answering comments.

Ducky2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

^ Oh snap, the players have their names over their heads.
Total Uncharted/Gears rip off, right?

It's a TPS game with multiplayer. So obviously it'll share similarities with other games of the same genre.
Calling it a rip off at this stage is just silly.

MaxOpower2390d ago

Saying MaxP is like uncharted, is like saying Portal is Cod with puzzles.

FEARprototype2390d ago

wow, cod with puzzles{imaging right now]

Pikajew2390d ago

Only puzzle is that people buy it every year instead of better games

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