Videogames and blogs are made of cancer: Tom Brokaw isn't a fan

Former NBC newsie Tom Brokaw has decided to call both videogames and blog sites a "cancer" while simultaneously painting television as a leading light of virtue and holiness.

The comment came after Brokaw was questioned in an interview over his network's decision to justify Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung Hui and air his stupid videos. Brokaw defended NBC's decision as the right one, and then quickly shifted the blame onto videogames and blog sites that are, according to him, the true source of inspiration for killers. Because television has never portrayed violence in a positive light, ever ... right?

Brokaw, in his blind and flailing way, has served to demonstrate quite superbly the blame culture we live in, and has provided a beautiful snapshot of the pathetic scapegoating of videogames. When the medium he was personally invested in, TV, came under fire, the man quickly attempted to change the subject and pass the buck onto the easiest target he could think of -- videogames and the Internet. Brokaw has embodied society's blame culture in one swift move, and I thank him for demonstrating the ignorance of the general public.

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Razzy3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

I think violent games like GTA, Manhunt etc. help stop me & probably others from killing in real life. Games like those allow us to relieve stress after a frustrating day at work.

I hope in GTA 4 they set up a Wal-Mart type store where you can run in and just go nuts on a busy Saturday before Christmas. LOL

Pokemon they make me wanna kill. ;-)

MK_Red3944d ago

What disgusting a**hole. Anyone not considering games as an art is stupid, let alone call them cancer. And look who's talking here... a TV defender. Yeah right... future of art and entertainment is TV.

Has he ever heard of anything more technologically complicated than a calculator? Does he even understand the power of internet?
The poor fellow is both stupid and blind. At least Ebert was just blind in his crusade against games as art.

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3943d ago

There is a cancer in the gaming industry!

It's called Sony.

Enigma_20993943d ago

... Microsoft.

You want to turn this into a console vs console debate, fine. Makes no sense, but then again, you HAVE no sense, so I guess it's all good.

kornbeaner3943d ago

another Old-timer to add to the ASSHO!E list. Keep'em coming.

PS360WII3943d ago

"Brokaw has embodied society's blame culture in one swift move, and I thank him for demonstrating the ignorance of the general public."

heh that's a good line there. What else is a TV person going to say? Sure news sites like to glorify every detail of a horrible crime and dirty detail of how they did it, what tool they used, and were they sliced. They try to show as much gore as possible without going to far... like showing people jumping out of skyscrapers so they don't burn to death. You want cancer call it the press and their freedom of poking their noses where it shouldn't go.

At the same time our video games and blogging sites can go to the extremes as well. How often does one hate on JT and wish him a unhappy end? Or these games that do have a flavor of blood. I can point all my fingers at how the news glorifies the killer and shows everyone how they to can kill like a madman like CSI and CSI can show you what to do to not get caught (other than not do it), but it still doesn't stop the fact that the gaming world is saturated with a bit of the ultraviolence. Doesn't turn us into killers though that's a mental thing. Why not blame some of those true crime books or those fiction books about serial killers and murder mysterys.

Basically our lives are filled with 'cancerous' violence and it's up to the person to make heads or tails out of it. With morales and responsibility you can win, but no one wants to say that for it's easier to blame and point fingers.

Azures3943d ago

its a wonder he finds time to comment between ww2 veteran d!cks to suck.

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The story is too old to be commented.