What to expect from MW3's First DLC!

Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 released on November 8th and ever since then,its been shattering records worldwide. Many reasons for that.

1.Its Call of Duty

2.Its Infinity Ward(The Creators of the Franchise known as COD)

3.Its Call of Duty.

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franko2373d ago

Ahahahaha, sold that crap day after i got it.

Truerandom2373d ago

If you hated COD? Why did you even buy it instead of renting?

GamingManiac2373d ago

Because he probably never bought it...

Apocwhen2373d ago

He's just trolling. Automatic response for a COD article

Euthanasia782373d ago

I never bought it. I never will. In my view, MW has died years ago. Its tired, old, and rehashed trash now. I'm sure it's a huge hit at the middle school lunch table, but I'm an adult. I'll be playing BF3.

brodychet2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Do you guys ever say anything different?

Euthanasia782372d ago

Just stating the obvious.

lilsamurai2373d ago

I hope the DLC includes some great cod4 and mw2 maps!

MizTv2373d ago

cant wait for some new maps!! i have been playin alot of skyrim and i need to kill some people online!!


i know one thing to expect its going to be over priced for a few maps

hadouken0072373d ago

Over pricing, rehashed maps,$14.99 price tag.?

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