BF3 – IRNV to be Tweaked Further, More on PS3 Input Lag, AA Buff to be Removed

Alan Kertz, Senior Gameplay designer at DICE give us some more insight into the balancing act that goes into developing a game like Battlefield 3.

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TheBeast2421d ago

Thank god the AA Buff is being removed.

Mister_V2421d ago

Are you calling DICE a god? ;)

Grip2421d ago

stop ur bull***, there is only one god

Rettom2421d ago


I hope you're joking. If there is Satan there is a God, which means there is Jesus, which means there is heaven, which means there is life after death, which means it could be good for you if you live a righteous live, or bad if you do bad stuff... such as saying Satan is God. Very long story haha

nanometric2420d ago

Or there's none of those things and people just like to live in a blissfull ignorance.

JBaby3432420d ago

Or there is a God, Satan, angels/demons, heaven/hell and others like to live in blissful ignorance. At least for a short time.

zeeshan2420d ago

What about the damn voip on ps3?

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soundslike2421d ago

lol at disagrees

walking is for newbz


tawak2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )


Criminal2421d ago

I'm glad they're working on the input lag. About time.

DasBunker2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

thats what they've been saying since they acknowledged the issue...

and now that they say they havent found what is causing it i have less hope that it will ever be fixed..

i dont get it that much... somehow it felt better one day before the patch, i think it has to do with something on their servers side of things..

-Alpha2421d ago

What is this "input" lag? I have never noticed it

Criminal2421d ago

It happens mainly on the PS3 on HDTVs from what I know.

grailly2421d ago

the reaction time between what you input with your controller and when your screen reacts.

every game has it, but it's usually not noticeable by the human eye, battlefield 3 though has way more input lag than what is considered as noticeable.

Not everybody notices it, so it's hard to know if everybody has it. myself, I'm completely unable to play the game, I always over shoot and can't seem to control my character. I hope it'll get fixed

Panthers2420d ago

Ive never experienced this on PS3 on my HDTV.

frameflip2420d ago

I only have input lag when I dont have 'Game Mode' turned ON on my LED TV. I'm is specialz!!

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SpaceFox2421d ago

They need to do something about the high contrast, overzealous lighting effects and color grading.

Honestly my eyes start to hurt after just an hour of playing this game.

Detoxx2421d ago

Yeah, its worst on Caspian Border though.. The map is to bright when your'e facing the sun and to dark when the sun is in your back.. It makes the map look ugly (I play on PS3 i dunno how it is on X360 and PC)

-Alpha2421d ago

It's the damn blue tint!!! It's ruining all the maps and DICE calls it "art" direction. It's bull.

Here is an excellent thread: http://forums.electronicart...


soundslike2421d ago

I like the hdr lighting personally. But I did turn up the saturation on my tv quite a bit.

Hufandpuf2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

I agree, I hate how the shadows look on Caspian and outside of the subway park area on Metro. The Shadows are WAY too dark and make the levels look ugly. On top of that due to Caspian's huge size, the level can look unfinished or unpolished at times. Playing this game on console makes want to get a PC at times but the smaller maps look and play great, like Siene Crossing and Bazaar.

Mister_V2421d ago

Yeah, the darker maps tend to look better it seems.

dantesparda2421d ago

Screw that! i like it bright and colorful like that!

SpaceFox2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

What color man? BF3 is the most bland and colorless game in recent memory.

Take a look at the new Wake Island:

And compare it to 1943's Wake Island:

1943 was a beautiful game. The only color BF3 seems to have is blue. For comparison's sake check this out:

frostypants2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

That's not a fair comparison. One pic is taken off-screen, the other is a screen cap. Sure, I'm sure BF3 is a LITTLE more muted, since that's sort of the weird trend with these games, but it's not THAT bad.

Also, 1943 had noticeably brighter colors than any of the BF games. BF3 is definitely in line with BF2.

Mister_V2421d ago

The new Wake Island definitely looks more "realistic," however.

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calibann2421d ago

Why do things always go wrong for ps3 versiosn of multiplat games?

frostypants2421d ago

They usually don't. It's a myth spread by fanboys.

Focus2421d ago Show
PixL2421d ago

I haven't experienced the input lag. Nor have about 20 of my friends I play BF with. But we all have voip problems if 3 or 4 people in the squad have mics. How about fixing that, DICE?

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