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Google wants triple-A console games in your browser

Google wants its Chrome browser to be taken seriously as a gaming platform, and is aiming to match the quality of triple-A console releases.

The search giant has been investing heavily in improving in Chrome's gaming capabilities, and has grand ambitions for its future functionality.

"The aim is to be able to get triple-A console parity," said Paul Kinlan, developer advocate at Google. "Whether we actually get there... You've got to remember that consoles are dedicated gaming hardware, and PCs generally aren't. (Google, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

burgerman  +   979d ago
Google has really gotten under my skin the last few years. They come up with innovative products then kill them off or they create a mediocre rip-offs of perfect products. They don't know what kind of company they want to be. Stick to search and email and blow off.

I'll tell you why they want you to play actual games in their browser. They want to spy on you and take your personal information and gaming habits and shove ads in your face.

Android is their mobile gaming OS but they gave up trying to make desktop OS so now they rely on Chrome.
Pikajew  +   979d ago
They have to remember the only gaming PC are capible of running tripile A games. Most people don't have a high end PC and won't use it and the people who do use Steam
Rivitur  +   979d ago
I believe they are behind the curve as Gaiki has already done this... http://www.gaikai.com/games
sikbeta  +   979d ago
Whatever, prepare yourselves for crapload of angry birds clones lol
kevnb  +   979d ago
I want better than console quality.
Dark_Overlord  +   979d ago
Shame Chrome runs like crap whenever you open more than 3 tabs, or put it under a somewhat heavy load
chanmasta  +   978d ago
Really? I have several tens of tabs open simultaneously regularly and never noticed any slowdowns at all.
Dark_Overlord  +   977d ago
I always get them regardless of which computer/laptop I use. Now I just stick with FF, using adblock and noscript it runs very fast :)

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