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Submitted by MarioAna 1541d ago | opinion piece

8BitBot: 5 reasons why the Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 are not likely in 2012.

"There has been a lot of talk lately about the next Xbox (probably named 720 or possibly the rumoured Xbox X) and PS4 being announced in early 2012 for a late 2012 release. There has even been talk about dev kits going out. So 8BitBot decided to take a look at things and see what the chances are of next year being the start of the next gen for the current HD Twins. Our take is that it’s not going to happen and here are 5 reasons why:" (Industry, Next-Gen, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Batzi  +   1541d ago
if by "likely in 2012" you mean being released in the market then of course not. They haven't been announced yet and I think E3 2012 will be that day or TGS for PS4. However, I still think we are far from the next generation consoles release. Maybe we'll get them 2 years from now(late 2013) but not before. Sony would at least want the PS3 to have its console reached 7 years of its lifespan until it releases the PS4.
hennessey86  +   1541d ago
I agree
with you about the ps4 but I believe we could get the next xbox by next christmas.
BlindGuardian  +   1541d ago
Halo 4 for the 360 in holidays 2012 is all the reasons necessary to confirm that it won't come on next year
AngryTypingGuy  +   1541d ago
decrypt  +   1541d ago
Why do console gamers want new consoles? it will just improve graphics. Graphics arent so important, its the gameplay that counts.
NamelessTed  +   1541d ago

You ignore the possibility that Halo 4 could be a launch title for the next generation Xbox.

First, they said it would be the beginning of a new trilogy in the Halo series. It might make sense for them to have that entire trilogy on the next generation rather than splitting it.

Also consider that Halo 4 started development at 343 Industries even before Halo: Reach was released. I do realize that MS and 343 have clarified that Halo 4 will be for Xbox 360, but you have to realize that IF it is coming out for the next Xbox, they would still have to say that it is an Xbox 360 title because they aren't going to announce a new system before their big announcement.

Also, we know Halo 4 is coming 2012 and we haven't seen any screenshots or game footage. The only thing they have shown is pre-rendered footage.

I guess we will have to wait until CES and/or E3 to see what happens.
Sub4Dis  +   1541d ago
i think microsoft is going to be in a hurry to get a new system out to steal thunder away from the wiiU. unfortunately, i still don't think there's much chance of seeing it before 2013.

as for sony. i don't think they're in any rush...especially since the company doesn't even expect to be profitable again til 2013...and that was when tv sales were trending a lot higher than they are today. sony might simply not be able to afford to jump into a new generation for quite some time.
morganfell  +   1541d ago
I still say the Xbox 720 and PS4 will launch in 2014. And I have two reasons.

First, HALO 4 is releasing in 2012. Microsoft isn't about announce their new Xbox...and then launch their flagship title a few months later.

@NamelessTed, remember, it's a 360 title.

Here is Frankie O'Connor posting at Neogaf:

I would buy HALO on any platform anytime but MS has smarter marketing than that.

Second are the comments of Mark Rein and Tim Sweeney both of whom have stated that we would not see Unreal 4 until 2014. What does "see" in this case mean? Does it mean see a demo or does it mean see as in consumers get their hands on an Unreal 4 game.

Best case scenario means we see an Unreal 4 demo at GDC in 2013 and then get our hands on a game in 2014. Otherwise we would see it in 2014 and then not get an Unreal 4 game until 2015.

If you understand those comments with other remarks by Mark Rein and the Epic Staff stating Unreal 4 will be used in launch titles for next gen then you see that best case scenario Epic, maker of the most prolific game engine this generation, is saying the next generation of consoles launches in 2014.

And by consoles I mean the PS4 as well since Epic is planning on Unreal 4 to be more multiplatform friendly.
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himdeel  +   1541d ago
I predict a 2013 reveal for the next wave of systems from MS and SONY with actual systems releasing NO LATER than spring 2014. I think multiplatform game developers will like anyone else that still has a job do more with these aging systems and save money on developing new tech for the time being.

We'll see optimized engines squeezing everything they can out of the 360 and PS3 while tinkering with the WiiU. Platform exclusives will continue for the 360 and PS3 albeit at a slower rate after 2012 while those 1st party developers dig deep into the new tech and engines.

Right now there is no benefit and only risk to whomever launches a new system before 2013. WiiU will be the guinea pig for this interim period between the release of the next MS and SONY consoles.
Diver  +   1540d ago
why would companies rush to release a new console when the current ones are making plenty o cash.

and ted dude its a 360 game. they not gonna lie to the community like that. an frank o isnt gonna lie to the community. if it was gonna go next gen they woulda stayed mum about the whole thing.
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gamingdroid  +   1540d ago
I think the issue of Halo 4 coming on Xbox 360 is blocking the next Xbox is a non-issue. MS could just as well release it on both consoles.

Heck, they could release both versions on the same disc... just flip it over! :D
Skip_Bayless  +   1541d ago
Within three months of Halo 4 release there's gonna be a Xbox 3 annouced.
BitbyDeath  +   1541d ago
"Sony would at least want the PS3 to have its console reached 7 years of its lifespan until it releases the PS4."

Both Playstation 1 & 2 were out for 6 years before another released.

There is a really good chance the PS3 will do exactly the same.
No FanS Land  +   1541d ago
the PS1 released in sept.1995 and Ps2 in oct. 2000. (US release)

that's 5 years for me.

PS2 to PS3 was 6 years,

it's been 5 now. I think we'll see the next gen in 2013.
Batzi  +   1541d ago
I don't know why I said 7 :P But apparently it is incrementing by 1 every generation :P so let's see :D
himdeel  +   1541d ago
In reading No FanS Lands comments I think PS3 will be out 7 years before we hear of a new system so again 2014.
EasilyTheBest  +   1541d ago
Despite what most comments seem to think, I really expect a new Xbox in November 2012.
I think it will be shown extensivly at E3 2012 and then brought to market quickly to gain the upper hand on Sony once again.
A suprise 2012 release could also hurt Nintendo as I cant see them having the same success this time around with the Wii U.
I expect a New Kinect and a Xbox style controller that splits into 2 parts to be used with Kinect.
I also expect the new Xbox to be suprisingy more powerful than everyone expects and alot cheaper too.
I expect £249. While the 360 will continue but for only £99.
Microsoft can afford to be really agressive and they know that its a good time to be as Sony and Nintendos financial positions are looking so bleak.
tdogchristy90  +   1541d ago
As long as I get ac3 on current systems so I can finish the story without having to get a new machine, I'll be happy.
Ares84HU  +   1541d ago
I didn't play it yet, but I heard that Assassin's Creed Revelations finishes the story....isn't that the case?
DarkBlood  +   1541d ago
with skyrim and other games i havent started Revelation yet lol

but from what i know is a story arc of a specific person ends there

at least thats what i think anyways based on the blackout ending in brotherhood
Reborn  +   1541d ago
-maybe a spoiler-

No. AC Rev, just answers questions about Ezio/Desmond/Altair and how they're all linked. But AC3, will end it. Answering the biggest question...

Don't wanna potentially spoil anything else.
Kurt Russell  +   1541d ago
Just finished the game myself. The bit with the Goblin King of Sweden was odd, but the most difficult section was the bit the the polar bear.
Rettom  +   1541d ago
It ends Ezio's story.
QuodEratDemonstrandm  +   1541d ago
What Rettom said. It's AC:R is the last we'll see of Ezio. It's also an epilogue to the first Assassin's Creed, with a few Altair missions thrown in there.

I suspect AC3 will be all Desmond.
NamelessTed  +   1541d ago
Don't hold your breath for Assassin's Creed 3 this generation.

Ubisoft has completely stagnated the AC franchise with the release of Revelations. They made a great game with AC2 and have just repackaged it twice now with some more story. Ubisoft is going to have to take some significant time working on AC3 if they want to take the franchise to the next level.
tdogchristy90  +   1541d ago
But according to the story arch, it has to finish by the end of 2012. Having a story line that climax in 2012 release in 2013/14 just doesn't make sense. Release ac3, finish this 2012/Desmond story and then take a much needed break for a few years before starting a new story arch.
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PhantomTommy  +   1541d ago
I'm not buying a new console to play the same shit unimaginative games with slightly better graphics.
tigertron  +   1541d ago
Happy with your NES then?
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1541d ago
Haw, this author is in for a very big surprise.

Xbox 10 and Wii-U both before Christmas next year. Just in time for the Holidays.
r21  +   1541d ago
xbox 10? either you mean xbox 3 or you're joking around.
fei-hung  +   1541d ago
I think he meant the XBOX X, which might be read as XBOX 10 due to X being a roman Numeral.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1540d ago
No, I mean Xbox 10. And there's a reason for the name. Check my submission history.
SJPFTW  +   1541d ago
new consoles will be announced officially in 2013 with a 2015 release date. thats what im predicting and possibly more realistic. You need time to tell consumers and developers what to expect and also developer kits have to be sent out at least a year before.
dark-hollow  +   1541d ago
"2015 release"

no. just no.
NamelessTed  +   1541d ago
MS would never announce a console two years before releasing a system. In the case of the Xbox and Xbox 360, the consoles released in the same year as they were announced.
coops108  +   1540d ago
god people are dumb with comments like this. 2015? be serious!!
ZILLA  +   1541d ago
if 80% of the world is bitcin about a $300 console,can you imagine 400 or 500.forget it!
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Jdrm03  +   1541d ago
*looks at the 700 million dollars activision made in one week*
MysticStrummer  +   1541d ago
*fails to understand the people who helped Activision make 700 million dollars in one week*
fei-hung  +   1541d ago
Activision is not a console manufacturer, they are a Dairy farm which Milk their cash cow every year to a bunch of Fish Mongers who love COD.

Besides, a game costs far less than a console.

Console: $3-400
COD: $60-70
Venjense  +   1541d ago
People have the money to buy $600 iphone and ipads so they can buy a $400 console.
AdmiralSnake  +   1541d ago
Yes but those are the same people who think that gaming on the Iphone is the same as a dedicated gaming platform, so that is quite irrelevant to the gaming market.
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LondonMediaOS  +   1541d ago
2013-2014 The start of the New Gen.
Who cares we all die 2012, (Rock Box, Playstation Leaf, and Wii Died.)
*Realistically expect it in the next 3 years.
St0  +   1541d ago
Announced in 2012 with a release in 2013. Only if the world doesn't end December 2012 though lol
fooxy  +   1541d ago
I doubt that in current economy parents or other buyers are willing to fork out up to $ 600 for brand new spanking gaming device by next fall
hellvaguy  +   1541d ago
Ok so the next generation console sells for $400-500. Problem solved.
Fred_C_Dobbs  +   1541d ago
i hope microsoft releases, all these rumours are the only thing holding me back this xmas from jumping on board the xbox brand. would love to see a new machine on the market for next year.
brew  +   1541d ago
I haven't heard many rumors of a 2012 release for either system. More like announced in 2012 with a planned 2013 release.
SnakeCQC  +   1541d ago
i learnt my lesson with the ps3(on 4th console) and 360(bought the elite after a few batches and it hasn't broken down yet) wait until kinks are worked out and a lower price point is set
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IRetrouk  +   1541d ago
i know what you mean, 5 360s before i bought the slim, never again.
SnakeCQC  +   1541d ago
yh pc gaming and last gen gaming until the improved revised version
ssb3173  +   1541d ago
I dont think it will have a 2012 release, more like 2013. The wi u needs to come out due to the lack of hd in the wi but the ps3 and xbox are still strong enough to survive atleast another 2 years
hazardman  +   1541d ago
I could've sworn i read an article that stated that the new xbox would be able to play Xbox360 games and automatically upscale the graphics. I know I read this a while back, but cannot remember where, if anyone has read this please let me know. anyway I would like a new xbox and Killer Instincts at launch!!
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Jdrm03  +   1541d ago
If you listen to KOXM's podcast from last week and this week, they reference to an interview with some guy, don't remember his name sorry, that works for Microsoft. This guy alluded to the next console having "forward compatibility."

This would be one of the smartest moves MS could do for a console launch for the first year or two. Games will come out and can run on the 360, but when you are ready to jump to the new console, those same games you bought will play/run/look better on your new console.

This will keep dev costs down because devs will only need to develop one game, instead of two versions. This also gives more time for devs to create games in the mean time to take advantage of the hardware.
hazardman  +   1541d ago
Ok, Ok.. That's an awesome idea and it makes sense into why they might want to put this out by next holiday season. The new update is gonna be awesome with the new roaming profiles. Next gen can't get here fast enough if you ask me. Tho i think PS3 can wait a few more years. The exclusives alone can carry it til Sony is ready to launch PS4.. Cant WAIT!! Thanks for info!
Brownghost  +   1541d ago
i hope it has backwards compatibility so its worth my money.
Ulf  +   1541d ago
A decent article, with good points. I'll correct one guess, in the article, with facts:

New engine titles (the kind that would ship on a new piece of hardware) generally take 3-5 years to develop, and often start on PCs. Sequels on the same engine (#s "2" and "3", as the console gen progresses) generally only take about 2 years to put together (as the article states).

This fact is one of the major reasons #2 and #3 of successful game series', especially exclusives, are often so much better than the first -- the initial game is often a PORT from a PC engine, and the second game is honed to work best on the target hardware (devkits are available the whole time).

Any titles aimed at next gen consoles will take *at least* 3 years to develop -- although it's very likely that development will start on PC long before final devkit hardware arrives. Typically, FINAL hardware is not available until about 1 year before the game is meant to ship. Prototype hardware *may* be available earlier, but... not typically unless your game is REALLY important to the console. Even the kits available 1 year ahead of release are in a state of flux, often being upgraded (via OS) on the fly, and usually needing a physical replacement about 6 months before release.

Nintendo hardware causes some exceptions to my rules above, since it is largely "familiar" and not overly advanced. Recent Nintendo hardware has had a slightly longer ramp-up time, since it is fundamentally old tech from the start. Wii U prototypes will have been in dev hands for about 1.5 years, rather than the typical 1, by the time the Wii U ships, most likely. You can bet that hotter hardware will have only been in dev hands for about a year, tops, however.
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Venjense  +   1541d ago
I'd love new consoles in 2012, a next-gen launch is always so exciting.
Dojan123  +   1541d ago
Wonder if they time windows 8 with the next Xbox. I only have PC and PS3. I feel like I am too late to get the xbox now. Looking forward to the next version.
Jocosta  +   1541d ago
100 reasons why no one knows jack shit either way.
gcolley  +   1541d ago
stopped reading after "probably named 720"
Dlacy13g  +   1541d ago
While I don't think they are 2012 releases I have to say the points raised in this article are not terribly well thought out with the exception of the good sales point. If you don't think Sony and MS are both looking to launch first if they can you are nuts. If you think both are not worried about Wii U ...again... Nuts. The economy issue is cack... During down turns in economics you often see higher spend in home entertainment like games, etc... Not too mention we are seeing growth again in software numbers. I just don't buy anything this article is spinning outside of both are enjoying good sales and want to extend that.
Brownghost  +   1541d ago
developers are now doing great and really used to these consoles and really great games and more great ones are coming. I wont care if microsoft decide to keep there 10 year life span for the xbox. Plus motion control is something both companies began and keep wanting to promote and keep going for some time.
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Hyperbomb69  +   1541d ago
I hope not. The PS3 is reaching its prime its gonna be a glorious 2012 for PS3 there is no reason to release a new system yet.
DanSolo  +   1541d ago
Well by the rationale of your reasoning, it makes sense for the next gen to come out soon... so that the price for it is coming down and the games are getting made as you are still enjoying the prime of this gen rather than buying the next one right away!

lol it's a win/win situation as you get to enjoy this gen while the next one is up and running and getting better for the time you decide to jump into it!

Personally I'd guess we will get announcements next year, with a release the following year.... seems to make the most sense.
That said I wouldn't be too surprised if one of the consoles came out late next year as a pre-emptive move to get the jump on the other one.... as with the last 2 gens, the first one out the gate has been the winner!

Too hard to call though, too many variables!
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morgob   1541d ago | Spam
NeloAnjelo  +   1541d ago
I don't understand why this "New Consoles in 2012" idea is being encouraged or even popular. Firstly look at all the great games we currently have on the market? So many 8's and 9's being released.. just take this year as a prime example. Even remove the exclusives on each console and we'd still have a great year of games.

When a new console is launched the first year is usually a time of learning and adaptation from the developers. In other words we never get the best experience or what the new consoles can offer.

Its not all about processing power. But the overall gameplay experience and story. This gen has reached a stage where we're getting all this consistently. No point of changing it "because it's time".

I can understand that Nintendo wants to make the jump.
But for Micrsoft and Sony I see a 2013/14 launch. the later date being Sony's.
tigertron  +   1541d ago
You'll never see the Xbox 720, because it won't be called that. -_-"

The next Xbox I believe will be out either christmas 2012 or spring (March-ish) 2013, and I predict a worldwide spring 2013 release for the PS4. An E3 2012 reveal is likely I believe.
AdmiralSnake  +   1541d ago
It will come w/e it comes, people worry too much about when they will come out etc >_>.... it's w/e, I honestly don't care when they come, I'm too busy enjoying this gen to be worried about the next.
Noticeably_FAT  +   1541d ago
I never thought the PS4 would be out next year anyway, Sony is sinking a ton of money into the Vita and still has a ton of first party games coming out next year. It seems more likely that we will see a Xbox 720 next year though, Microsoft has obviously scaled back production on first party games and we've heard too many rumors of games being in production for the next Xbox for their not to be fire.
capcock  +   1541d ago
2 reasons why they should release them in 2012:

1. The Wii U won't have any competition and get a big user base-> less market share for MS and Sony.

2. The hardware in both 360 and ps3 is outdated, an average ps3/360 game released nowadays is sub HD and runs @ 30fps with framerate drops.
#30 (Edited 1541d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
AdmiralSnake  +   1541d ago
When a Console is release, it's already outdated, so that really means absolutely nothing.
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